Lanzani farms chooses again for the Vencomatic GRANDO nest


Zootecnica International has visited the Lanzani poultry farm, located in Bagnolo Mella, near Brescia, Italy, to interview the owners about the commercial and practical benefits of the new Vencomatic Grando Nest.

VencomaticAt Lanzani farms, they have being using the Vencomatic equipment for many years, and have recently renovated many units, including their nests, choosing again the Vencomatic Grando Nest.

Giovanni Lanzani illustrated all the improvements and advances the Dutch company has been able to achieve, as he has an extensive experience with many of the Vencomatic systems.

The Vencomatic Group represents three well-known brands in the poultry sector: Vencomatic, Prinzen and Agro Supply. Combining these brands, they are able to offer a full range of innovative systems for equipping modern poultry farms. The Group provides alternative solutions, developing sustainable and poultry friendly products. The company has over 350 committed employees serving thousands of customers worldwide.

All equipment is designed and manufactured based on research and studies on poultry management and birds’ behaviour, so as to meet the needs of both poultry farmers and livestock. With Prinzen equipment for egg handling and climate solutions of Agro Supply, the company is able to offer a full range of products for the poultry farming in order to meet the increasing market request of fully automated solutions and projects. Vencomatic units for poultry farmers include all integrated systems, from the egg laying equipment to the setter trays.

Paolo Econimo of Vitalia showed and explained us all the innovations during our visit to the Lanzani poultry farm.

Giovanni Lanzani bought the farm in 2000, implementing significant changes and innovations to increase production, improve egg quality and enhance egg collection. At Lanzani farms, they have also purchased a pad cooling system to ensure hens a more comfortable environment.

Lanzani has 2 poultry farms: a 6000 mt2 one for turkeys, located in Leno and another for breeders in Bagnolo Mella, housing Ross hens and with an extension of over 5600 mt2.

During our visit, Paolo Econimo explained: “Vencomatic innovations are mainly based on a better biosecurity and nest acceptation. When this poultry farm was taken over, it was already equipped with Vencomatic systems. Among other changes Lanzani farms have implemented in recent years, there has been the nest replacement, as the previous dated back to over 15 years ago, and were replaced with the newer version of the Grando nest, which is specifically designed for breeders”.

“Our farm also has an automatic system for the egg of collection, branded Prinzen, which allowed us to save a lot of labour” – Giovanni Lanzani added.

The Prinzen PSPC packing machine has not only a better and increased packing capacity, compared to manual collection, but can also place eggs points down on the setter tray. Eggs are transported from the egg belts of the nests to the egg packer with the Vencobelt egg conveyor belt of Vencomatic.

What are the specific features of the Grando Nest?
Niels Geraerts, Product Manager of Vencomatic Group, outlined some features of this nest, which is having a great success in poultry farms all over the world: “The new Grando Nests are high-quality, reliable nests with great performances. Since their market introduction, some small changes have been applied, however the basic idea and the dimensions remained (the same). We have already placed over 10 million broiler breeders worldwide on the Grando Nest, and see good results. The name Grando emphasizes that the nest is deeper and it is indeed 52 cm now; the reason for this is that broiler breeder genetics make birds getting slightly bigger every year. Furthermore the nest is designed for easy cleaning, using long lasting materials.

The Grando is a centerbelt nest, with tipping floors. The tipping floors gently expel the birds from the nest at night. At the same time the nest is cleaned, as a possible contamination will fall down at the moment of tipping the floors.

From the experience of Lanzani poultry farm we notice a remarkable improvement in egg hygiene and biosecurity, with a reduction of dirty eggs to less than 1%. Also the number of cracked eggs considerably decreased to less than 1%. The percentage of eggs laid on the floor is almost zero, amounting 0,05%”.

As Lanzani replaced one house every year in the last years, he already saw the advantages of the Grando Nest over the old type of nest: “The materials have been considerably improved; previously nests were manufactured in wood, which did not allow a deep cleaning, while now they are made of hygienic materials. Furthermore the design assures a more comfortable environment for hens. The entrance is particularly large and appealing for hens, facilitating the farmer’s work as well. The front of the nest can be easily removed, which enables an easy cleaning.”

“The plastic walls of the nest are durable and can be cleaned thoroughly. Removing the roof of the nest, the whole inside, including the eggbelt, is fully exposed”, – Paulo Econimo added.

Giovanni Lanzani is really positive about the new nests: “Their design is unique, with a totally comfortable nest, preventing egg deposition on the floor, which is only 0,05%, a truly excellent management result. Also the number of dirty eggs significantly reduced using these nests. In addition, the nest materials are very durable, even with repeated washing or continued use. We are really very satisfied with Grando”.

Niels Geraerts concluded the visit stating that Vencomatic pays much attention to egg quality. The key factor to ensure a good egg quality is the Vencomat nest flooring. The mat ensures a smooth egg roll off, with minimum contact with the egg. Vencomatic has constantly intensified its effort in research and development to improve the nest mat in the last years. The material, as well as the design, have been carefully evaluated and optimized. One of the recent enhancements is that the mat is now available in a perforated version. Depending on the climate conditions, Vencomatic suggest customers to use perforated or non-perforated mats, in order to maintain a good cleanliness/hygiene of the nest during the flock.

The Dutch company has also been studying the best ways to ensure a smooth roll off in their nest, to avoid breakage and cracked eggs. The combination of the Vencomat and the floor design provides an innovative configuration, which prevents eggs to increase speed, rolling gently and very slowly.

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