Authorisation of feed flavouring additives


The conditions of use of these re-authorisations are significantly different from their previous authorised use as per Directive 70/524/EEC. Whereas the previous authorisation did not provide limits for level of inclusion of the great majority of flavourings in feed, the new authorisations have in their majority a recommended use level for all species and few of them have also a maximum permitted level. Such levels are recommended on the basis of the safety assessment performed by EFSA.

Therefore, recommended use levels shall be checked for compliance for each flavouring compound in a formulation according to the target animals. Of particular importance for feed formulations are the specific restrictions on use of each flavouring compound and feed additive used in the premixture and/or compound feed, such as maximum and recommended levels, incompatibilities, contraindications, target species, etc.

The new re-authorisations also prescribe that if a feed formulation exceeds the recommended level of a flavouring compound, these should be indicated on labelling accordingly, including name of the functional group, identification number and name of the additive and the added amount of the active substance.

Additionally, feed formulations containing flavourings for which the re-authorisation sets now a maximum permitted level should, by default, be labelled accordingly, as for any feed additive which is subject to a quantitative limitation when used in feed.

In conclusion, the new conditions of use set in the upcoming re-authorisations of feed flavouring additives, require that feed business operators carefully re-check their product formulations, labels and product data sheets to ensure compliance regarding:

– Label of the feed additive should indicate the “Recommended maximum content of the active substance of complete feeding stuffs with a moisture content of 12%”.

– Content of flavouring compounds in a feed formulation according to recommended level described in the column “other provisions” of the annex entry of the authorising regulation.

– In case that the recommended level is exceeded, the name of the functional group, the name of the sensory additive, the identification number and the added amount of the chemically defined substance should be indicated on the labelling of the pre-mixtures, feed materials and compound feed.

– Feed flavouring compounds that are now subject to a maximum content in complete feed, shall be labelled by default and according to Articles 16 of Regulation (EC) 1831/2003 or of Regulation (EC) 767/2009 as applicable.

The transition periods foreseen for implementation of the new conditions of use and of labelling for each type of feed in the authorisations are:

– 6 August 2017: for the additives and pre-mixtures containing these additives.

– 6 February 2018: for compound feed and feed materials for food producing animals containing the additives.

– 6 February 2019: for compound feed and feed materials for non-food producing.