EuroTier 2016 Innovation Award


DLG awards four gold and 21 silver medals

During the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, EuroTier 2016, the DLG (German Agricultural Society) announced the winners of the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016: 4 innovations were awarded a gold medal and 21 innovations received a silver medal. DLG president Carl-Albrecht Bartmer presented the medals along with the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, at the formal opening of the event at Hanover on 14 November 2016.

In the poultry sector, among the winners of the EuroTier 2016 Innovation Award in silver, there are:

ATLAS (Advanced Bird Transport Solution from Grower to Processor) by Marel Poultry
Poultry is exposed to very high stress levels, particularly just before slaughtering, with the period between animals’ removal from transport containers and their being anaesthetised being particularly critical.
Marel’s ATLAS (Advanced Bird Transport Solution from Grower to Processor) system is a modular unloading system that allows birds to be transferred to conveyor belts with less stress. The system is a rigorous further development of the existing container system. The individual transport modules of larger transport containers are automatically separated into individual modules as they are supplied to the slaughter line, without birds needing to be unloaded at different levels or without them needing to be handled or treated in any other manner. This ensures that the animals do not have direct contact with people after they are loaded. As a result, the animals suffer considerably less stress, which delivers significant benefits in terms of animal welfare.

Nutrition Easy@ system by EW Nutrition
Poultry farmers commonly administer products for enhanced animal performance and health in poultry housing. These can be given via birds’ drinking water or feeds. Dispensing via drinking water is costly and requires high-precision metering devices, while mixing products in with complete feedstuffs in feed mixing units is generally also too expensive due to stringent legal requirements. However, it is to be expected that the use of these products will only increase, as zootechnical measures (such as beak trimming) come to be prohibited. The Nutrition Easy@ system developed by EW Nutrition allows products to be directly dispensed into feeds with high precision. Additives are offered as aqueous solutions, combined with a spraying system. This system, which is attached to the feed line as a unit, sprays the supplement solution onto bird feed at a rate that is controlled by the feed line speed. It is very easy to operate, and the accuracy it delivers is within the analytical tolerance range defined by the Association of German Agricultural Analytic and Research Institutes (VdLUFA). The Nutrition Easy@ system allows bird feeds to be supplemented with active agents quickly, easily and securely. It therefore supports approaches towards improved animal welfare.

Poultry Star® by Biomin GmbH
Establishing and stabilising a healthy intestinal flora is an essential aspect of animal health in poultry farming. Poultry Star verifiably supports these important objectives both during the initial intestinal colonisation just after chicks hatch and as part of successful re-colonisation, for example after a course of antibiotics. Poultry Star is a feed supplement specially developed for poultry on the basis of a host-specific multi-strain synbiotic that promotes early intestinal colonisation and a healthy intestinal flora. The product received EU approval as an intestinal flora stabiliser in 2015. It is available in two formulations for use in mixed feeds and administration via drinking water.

Optima E-Control by Lubing Maschinenfabrik
Drinking systems for poultry housing are almost exclusively operated at low pressures. However, pressure ratios within these systems can vary depending on fluctuations in the water supply, climate conditions, the time of day or birds’ drinking water intake from the relevant drinking line. The Optima E-Control system monitors and regulates the pressure in water lines to ensure that it remains constant. This substantially reduces the risk of wet litter in bird housing. The system reduce also the production of emission-related substances such as ammonia.