FEFANA/EAAP session on Innovation in Animal Nutrition through Specialty Feed Ingredients: latest findings for improving animal health, welfare and productivity


More than 1.000 participants registered to the 68th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) from August 28th to Sept. 1st in Tallinn, Estonia, to follow the main theme of Patterns of Livestock Production in the Development of Bioeconomy: https://eaap2017.org/.

For the first time, EAAP and FEFANA collaborated on presenting latest scientific research and application demonstrating the role of specialty feed ingredients in animal nutrition as a critically important part of the solution to address many challenges faced by livestock industries.

Dr. Emmanuelle Apper, Chair of the joint session, underlined that: “Despite many years of research, we are still at the beginning of understanding the complexity of the animal gut and how to effectively improving conditions for sustaining animal health and welfare. New scientific findings presented during our session have demonstrated unique effects of particular special feed ingredients such as amino acids, probiotics, selenium yeasts and other trace elements to just name a few.”

FEFANA Secretary General, Joerg Seifert, adds “It is thanks to the catalyst role of EAAP that a wealth of new scientific findings became available in most recent years. Through our organisationspartnership we stimulate further public-private research partnership into improving animal nutrition to meet key societal concerns such as mitigating environmental impacts, reducing the need for the use of antibiotics on farm and supporting animal health and welfare. Specialty feed ingredients play a key role, not only to sustain animal production but to also advance the EU agenda for innovation and growth.”

The proceedings of the EAAP/FEFANA scientific session can be obtained from the EAAP Secretariat.