IHSIG 2017 – 5th symposium on poultry intestinal health

October 11-12 - Bangkok, Thailand


One World One Health

The Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group (IHSIG) group organizes its 5th symposium on poultry intestinal health. IHSIG aims to promote health and welfare in poultry production by provoking debate between the scientific community, poultry producers, regulatory authorities, nutritionists and poultry veterinarians.

The IHSIG symposium will be on the One World, One Health concept, which recognizes that human health is interconnected to the health of animals, and the environment. Humans and animals interact with greater frequency and intimacy in a globalized world. These interactions increase the risk of the emergence and spread of disease agents that could adversely impact health, whether human or both.

Animal health, human health, food safety, trade implications, and market-access are all connected aspects. Today, poultry production is essential in providing affordable protein and has a low ecological footprint. Therefore the IHSIG symposium is all about the One World, One Health concept in relation to the intestinal health in poultry. In poultry production, intestinal health is a key factor to obtain maximal performance. A better understanding of the complex microbiota composition and the host – microbiota interactions will lead to optimal steering of gut microbiota, resulting in better gut health and performance. Research in intestinal problems in humans, like Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), is also investigating these issues so scientific studies can benefit both human and animal health.

5th Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health
Royal Bangkok Sports Club – Polo Club
Bangkok – Thailand

October 11-12, 2017

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