Kemin launches LYSOFORTE Liquid


New cost-effective option gives livestock and poultry producers edge for improving absorption of nutrients in animal diets.

Kemin launches LYSOFORTE® Liquid, a bio-surfactant, which revolutionizes the application process by directly dosing the bio-surfactant into the oil and fat application line. LYSOFORTE® Liquid standardizes the natural variation in the energy value of oils and fats and improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients in feed, making LYSOFORTE® Liquid one of the most cost-effective bio-surfactants on the market.

The product has been launched in Europe, Middle East, India and in a number of markets in Asia. The product will launch in additional countries upon registration.

This is a situation where we took something that was working well and made it even better,” explained Dr. Monika Bieber, Lead Global Platform Manager. “Traditionally bio-surfactants are added as a dry product to the mixer with other feed raw materials. Their benefits to improve various steps in lipid digestion, such as emulsification, hydrolysis and nutrient absorption are well known. Consequently, the addition of a bio-surfactant leads to a better utilization of the energy from feed raw materials, resulting in improved feed conversion ratios, lower production costs and improved profitability.”

Like many raw materials, lipids come from a wide variety of sources and are prone to large variations in their nutritional value. In recent years, Kemin laboratories have been analyzing numerous oil and fat samples using the Lipid Evaluation Test, which provides nutritionists with accurate lipid profiles, and characterizes the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) values and oxidative status. The analyses performed by Kemin scientists have reported up to 30-percent variation in AME values for a single oil type. Trials have demonstrated that applying the liquid bio-surfactant reduces the natural variability of oils and fats. As proven through the Lipid Evaluation Test, LYSOFORTE Liquid increases feed formulation accuracy and, in turn, increases feed cost savings.

An application system is made available to assist customers with the application of LYSOFORTE Liquid. This state-of-the-art system was created by a team of engineers who worked to make applying the liquid product directly into the oil and fat line easy and convenient at the feed mill.

Over the last years, the benefits of bio-surfactants to enhance lipid digestion have become well accepted in the feed industry. With the launch of LYSOFORTE® Liquid, Kemin demonstrates its leadership in the lipid nutrition area and its commitment to bring novel solutions to the feed industry to support its customers by improving and optimizing lipid nutrition and increasing profitability.

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