Poultry Welfare Auditor Course (PAACO)

October 31 to November


Holiday Inn & Conference Centre, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Most animal and meat producer organizations have guidelines that are consistent with sound science and a consideration of economic realities. In the early 2000’s, food associations representing their retail and food service corporate members asked producer groups to develop and send species-specific guidelines for their review. After consideration of adoption of all or part of these welfare guidelines, the retail and food service companies had an expectation that plant and on-farm audits of farm animal welfare would begin.

Poultry Welfare audits exist in all three areas:

  • Layers – United Egg Producers has a longstanding well-being program covering cage and cage-free production styles. A large majority of table eggs is covered by their annual audits from layer placement through de-population.
  • Broilers – National Chicken Council developed a management and production audit in 2004 covering from hatchery to slaughter. This audit is used as the primary basis of specific customer audits in their industry.
  • Turkey – National Turkey Federation has had a Guidelines and Audit tools in place for several years (revised every two years) that is widely utilized by their production companies and customers.

Next PAACO certification course will be held Tuesday, October 31, 2017 to Thursday, November 2, 2017 at the Holiday Inn & Conference Centre in Guelph, Ontario. 

PAACO reserves the right to limit class size and registrations to qualified individuals.

Basic requirements:

– Read, write and walk unassisted in a poultry production and processing plant environment

– Trainees must not have had contact with poultry, waterfowl or pet birds for 72 hours prior to 1st site visit (no contact after 5PM Oct 28th)

Education & experience requirements:

– B.Sc. or higher with relevant livestock experience of 3 years within the past 5 years

– Associate degree with relevant livestock experience of 5 years within the past 7 years

– High school diploma with relevant livestock experience of 10 years within the past 15 years.

– A condensed resume must be sent to pic@poultryindustrycouncil.ca upon registration for screening.

For any further visit the website: www.poultryindustrycouncil.ca/education-extension-events/welfare-auditor/