Roxell expands its feed transport system with the Flex-Auger High Capacity and High Run Time


More animals per house mean an increase in feed transport to the houses. A broiler chicken in cages consumes an average of 150 gr of feed a day. For a house with 100,000 animals the feed consumption quickly reaches 6 tonnes a day.

The faster feeding behaviour of the broiler breeders also demands optimum feed transport. A house with 20,000 broiler breeders requires feed every day amounting to 3.5 tonnes.

To ensure a sufficient and efficient supply for the houses, Roxell is expanding its Flex-Auger range with a Flex-Auger High Capacity & High Run time with Densicor tube.

This transport system offers a capacity of 10 tonnes per hour and a running time of 4 hours per day. Densicor, the wear-resistant polyethylene tube of the Flex-Auger High Capacity, has a diameter of 12.5 cm and optimises the durability of the transport system. The higher material density and the double-walled tube reinforce the robustness of the system.

Since its foundation, many systems that Roxell has been offering the intensive livestock industry have become real worldwide standards, which is also the case for our renowned Flex-Auger. Roxell continues to seek innovative solutions that enable the poultry and pig industry to produce end products in a profitable and sustainable manner“, says Lieven Waerenburgh, Product Manager Flex-Auger.