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Exterior and interior strategies for rodent control

As the weather cools, rodents seek refuge indoors where there is easy access to food and water. Rodents are vectors for spreading disease, which...

Novel Approach Improves Poultry Welfare by Reducing Stress on Chickens

MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health within the United States and Canada) recently announced the launch of EXZOLT® (fluralaner), the first systemic...

On-farm surveys to inform Avian influenza risk assessment model

Consumer-driven expansion of free-range poultry products has led to significant increases in the number of free-range poultry farms and the total percentage of the...

Aviagen Kft welcomes seven members to Ross 140 Club

Aviagen KFT welcomed seven new entries to the Ross 140 Club from Hungary and Bosnia. The Aviagen KFT Ross 140 Club celebrates farmers who achieve or exceed 140 chicks per hen housed, with current entries from Hungary and Serbia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.