Aviagen Anadolu Ross 400 and 140 Clubs Award performance of customers in Turkey


The Aviagen® Anadolu team came together with new Ross® 140 and 400 club inductees in İzmir, Uşak and Manisa, Turkey. The meetings were intended to congratulate the new members and celebrate their success.
Award ceremonies were held for Club 400 members from Abalıoğlu, Keskinoğlu, Banvit (Izmir region), Egetav, Gedik Piliç and for Club 140 members from Egetav and Gedik Piliç.
Members were welcomed to the Clubs by Aviagen Anadolu Senior Technical Operations Manager Africa Fernández Gutiérrez, who gave a brief presentation on broiler and breeder performances in Turkey over the last five years. She highlighted the importance of gathering performance data, which helps identify areas where management input is needed to bring about necessary improvements.

Performance on the rise for Aviagen Anadolu Clubs
Broiler and breeder performances in 2017 experienced significant gains compared to the past years. Fernández attributes this upward performance trend to the knowledge and intense efforts of Ross customers in the region, favorable developments in vaccination and biosecurity, and genetic developments of the Ross 308.

Strengthening relationships and sharing ideas
Fernández presented the awards and certificates to the Club members after an engaging question-answer session with the participants. A dinner following the awards ceremony provided a chance for Aviagen Anadolu and Club members to strengthen relationships and exchange experiences and ideas.
Ross Club members in attendance commented that they enjoyed the opportunity to share information with one another and with the Anadolu team. They also remarked that they were able to achieve the impressive performance by optimizing the genetic potential of Ross birds through hard work and skillful production management.Nih
at Düzgün, one of Abalıoğlu producers, reached the highest European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 427 on the broiler side, while the most significant breeder results were reached by Ege Tav, with 153 chicks hatched in 60 weeks in Görece farm managed by Mr. Isme Tonur.