Breeder and broiler seminar in Melaka, Malaysia


promote customer success. Putting this commitment into practice, on April 23-24, the company recently collaborated with Ross® customer Huat Lai Resources Berhad to host a breeder and broiler seminar for Huat Lai farm managers and their Ross parent stock customers in Melaka, Malaysia.
Huat Lai is a longstanding Ross customer and fully integrated poultry company that, along with the Ross brand, has undergone continuous market expansion within Malaysia during the last decade.

Sharing best broiler and breeder practices
Current hot topics presented by leading Aviagen experts were presented to help customers maximize the health, welfare and performance of Ross birds at both the breeder and broiler levels. The breeder seminar took place on April 23 at the Equatorial Hotel in Melaka, with 40 attendees participating in discussions on male and female breeder management, as well as summer ventilation practices, nutrition for optimizing breeder performance, best practices to achieve good bird health and management for maximum hatchability.
The broiler section on April 24 saw 16 participants at the Huat Lai office in Melaka. Broiler subjects intended to improve production performance included good brooding management, the lighting program for broiler and ventilation techniques and tips for achieving optimal health and disease prevention.

We’re pleased with the enthusiasm and engagement of Huat Lai customers during the seminars,” shared Dr. Keat Fu, Regional Technical Service Veterinarian, Aviagen. “Our goal is always to help them succeed by offering practical advice that they can apply to their daily operations.”
Dr. Chang Hee Lee, Ross Technical Service Manager, Aviagen, said, “We value our well-established relationship with Huat Lai, and appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with them on the broiler and breeder seminars. The Ross 308 broiler and breeder are both experiencing strong performance and popularity in the Malaysian market, and we work hand-in-hand with Huat Lai and other customers to help strengthen this success.”

Positive feedback from Huat Lai customers
Benedict Ong Yun Wui, Breeder farm manager at QL feedingstuffs Sdn. Bhd
., who attended the breeder seminar remarked, “The seminar was good and very informative, with many helpful topics. I particularly enjoyed the information on breeder benchmarking data and the financial impact on decision making.”
Hashwini A/P Visvalingam, senior executive, breeder division, PWF Farm Sdn. Bhd
, added, “I am very grateful for the chance to attend the seminar, which was useful and professionally managed. All speakers were knowledgeable and dynamic. I learned a lot, especially on critical control points for female and male management, as well as disease prevention.”
The broiler seminar presented a great opportunity for our broiler managers to update their knowledge and skills, and I look forward to future seminars on these and similar topics,” concluded Kelvin Tan Jin Khai, Assistant manager, Huat Lai Resource Bhd.