Celebrating a century of genetics in Edinburgh


Celebrating 100 years of Genetics in Edinburgh and the Genetics Society in the UK Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JQ, 13-15 November 2019.
2019 is coincidentally the centenary of both the Genetics Society and the origins of the Roslin Institute and the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh. A joint scientific celebratory meeting will be held from 13-15th November 2019, Edinburgh. The public outreach programme aims to engage those not necessarily involved with research or science with the contributions that genetic understanding has made to life, as we now know it. A public lecture “Farm, Field and Family – 100 years of Genetics in Edinburgh” will take place in the evening of 13th November at The Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JQ. Priority places will be reserved for members of the public. An interactive afternoon following the end of the conference on the 15th November will involve sixth form pupils.
The social programme includes a Celebration dinner, sponsored by Cobb-Vantress, and a Science Ceilidh, where dances will have a genetic-related theme. We hope that everyone will join in the fun.


Session 1: Genome Stability and Instability

Steve Jackson (University of Cambridge)
Severine Chambeyron (Institute of Human Genetics, Montpelier)
Kim Nasmyth (University of Oxford)
Kirsten Bomblies (John Innes Centre)

Session 2: Genetics and Selection of Quantitative Traits

Trudy MacKay (NCSU/Clemson)
Felicity Jones (Tuebingen)
John Hickey (Roslin Institute)
Balfour Lecture, Susan Johnston (University of Edinburgh)
Greg Kudla (University of Edinburgh)
Mendel Medal William G Hill (University of Edinburgh)

Session 3: The Germline, Sex Determination & Sex Chromosomes

Genetics Society Medal, Deborah Charlesworth, (University of Edinburgh)
Doris Bachtrog (Berkeley)
Laura Ross (University of Edinburgh)
Stephen Wright (Toronto)

Session 4: Human Genetic Variation: from Molecules to Populations

Gil McVean (University of Oxford)
Evropi Theodoratou (University of Edinburgh)
Anna Gloyn (University of Oxford)
Joe Marsh (University of Edinburgh)
Madan Babu (University of Cambridge)

Session 5: Epigenetics and Non-coding RNA
Mary Lyon Medal, Oliver Pybus (University of Oxford)
Adrian Bird (University of Edinburgh)
David Baulcombe (University of Cambridge)
Beth Sullivan (Duke)
Anne Ferguson-Smith (University of Cambridge)
Mike Rosbash (Brandeis)

For information: www.genetics.org.uk/events/100-years-genetics/