Impressive numbers at Ross Africa conference


The third Ross® Distributor Customer Focus Team (DCFT) meeting took place in Lusaka, Zambia, from May 14-18. It was hosted by Ross Africa, the distributor of Ross Parent Stock (PS) in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Over 40 guests from 13 countries attended the three-day Parent Stock element of the conference, with more than 80 delegates present for the broiler day.
The Ross Africa DCFT meeting is a great forum for PS and broiler customers from Sub-Saharan Africa to come together and share their experiences,” says Robert Haggarty, senior technical manager, Ross, MEA, Aviagen. “The event provided a unique opportunity for everyone to share existing knowledge and develop new skills. Moreover, this year’s conference was particularly hands-on, with delegates finding the interactive sessions invaluable for gaining insights into customer perspectives and opinions.”

Sharing experience and know-how
Many of the delegates were staff members from Ross Zambia broiler and feed outlets – and having been comprehensively trained in broiler management, biosecurity and vaccination rules, they enthusiastically participated in wide-ranging discussions, which included the genetic potential and excellent performance traits of Ross birds. Presentations were jointly made by the Ross MEA and Ross Africa customer support teams, focusing on the success of Ross birds in the region, and how the team help maximize performance and thus customer revenue through seminars, workshops and roadshows.
Integral elements of the PS section of the conference were feed and nutrition, with samples of different feeds and ingredients being shown to delegates, who were encouraged to examine them in detail. Management and veterinary topics were also discussed, with particular emphasis on obtaining the best flock performance under African conditions through the use of open-sided housing, heat stress reduction techniques, and basic house set-up processes that took into account local conditions. There were also delegate workshops, in which groups found solutions to problem scenarios and presented their results to fellow attendees.
Mr Rivo Andriamanalina, owner of Activo, comments: “This year’s event was my first Ross Africa DCFT conference, and I enjoyed the stimulating discussions on such a wide range of flock management and business subjects. I was also impressed by the level of knowledge displayed in the room.”