Optimal fat utilisation by Intra Liposol at broilers

Marc Spackler M.Sc. - Technical Sales Manager


It is difficult – especially for young animals – to optimally digest the range of fats and oils in the diet. This leads to a reduced feed efficiency and often also to wet manure.
In young animals the production of bile acid is still insufficient to emulsify and digest the amount of fats and oils offered. Intra Liposol is designed to supplement this deficiency. This innovation is a water-soluble organic emulsifying agent, which supports the digestion of fats. Adding this product to the drinking water will improve the digestion of fats leading to an improved growth performance and less visibly wet manure. To this end, research has been carried out on a modern company with two identical stalls, each with 33,000 chickens per stall, of the breed Ross 308.
In total there were three rounds, wherein there is always one stable served as a control and one as a Liposol stable. In the Liposol stable the have used during the first four weeks, 6 days and 1 day of Intra Liposol Intra Hydrocare added to the drinking water.

The daily growth was higher during all three tests in the Intra Liposol group with an average of +1.8 g/day and feed conversion improved 3 points. The EBI (European Broiler Index = daily gain (gr) x survival rate (%) /10 x feed conversion) is high, whereby the Liposol group in all rounds, gave an even higher score (+ 5%).
For the foot score 100 feet are being scored, which will receive a “0” score per feet with no problem, a light problem “0.5” and a heavy lesion a “2”. The Foot pad score was lower in all trials and improved on average by 29%.
A possible explanation for this is that Liposol provides for an improved digestion, reduced wet manure and therefore less problems foot lesions. Further, the variation in the uniformity was improved to 12.4%, which means that the slaughter weights are closer to each other.All three tests proved that Liposol improves daily gain, feed conversion, EBI index score, uniformity and foot pad score. These improvements result in a clear positive effect, which is calculated leading to a + 21% improvement of margin.
Here the farmer has a product to put on the water if the digestive system fails, irrespective of the feed that is used. Weaker and young animals eat less, but keep drinking water and because Intra Liposol dissolved in the drinking water, it has been effective at the beginning of the digestive tract. When undigested fats or oils end in the manure or being stored in the liver, it is a pure loss, which also causes health problems for the animals.
Intra Liposol provides a tool to improve technical and financial results and animals grow sustainably.

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