Requirement of digestible calcium at different dietary concentrations of digestible phosphorus...

An experiment was conducted to determine the digestible calcium (Ca) and digestible phosphorus (P) requirements of 11-24 days old broiler chickens. L.S. David1, M.R. Abdollahi1,...

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VIV MEA – 20-22 November 2023, Abu Dhabi

VIV MEA, the international trade show from feed to food for the production & processing of poultry meat, eggs, fish, and dairy, in the...

The remarkable dynamics of the global poultry industry: 50 years in...

In two papers the author will analyse the development of poultry over the past fifty years and document the remarkable growth of global egg...

Patterns of the poultry industry in the MEA region. Part 2...

A first paper analysed the patterns of egg production and of egg trade in the MEA region. This paper will focus on poultry meat...

World Egg Day 2022: Eggs for a better life

World Egg Day will be celebrated across the globe on Friday 14 October 2022. The annual event honours the highly nutritious and brilliantly versatile...

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