Biofilms – The hidden threat

The cleanliness of the facility is the #1 prerequisite to safeguarding the chicken products’ safety. Food safety wise, cleanliness does not merely mean keeping...

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SmartSense™: a major breakthrough in developing the hatchery of the future

Imagine a future in which connected, autonomous incubators effortlessly hatch the highest number of best-quality chicks. Royal Pas Reform brings that scenario a significant...

Patterns of the poultry industry in the MEA region. Part 1...

The boundaries of the Middle East Region are not exactly defined. Under the term Near East, it was used in the late decades of...

EU Compound feed production in 2021 – Market Outlook 2022

Industrial compound feed production in the EU remained stable in 2021. Looking forward, the spread of animal diseases and the continuing global grain market...

Shell Egg Academy announces 2022 schedule

The Shell Egg Academy (SEA) from Purdue University Extension is looking ahead to 2022 with optimism, after a very successful virtual event in June...

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