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Aviagen UK Welcomes Japan Chicken Association

On Oct. 9 close to 20 poultry industry professionals, who are members of the Japan Chicken Association, were welcomed by Aviagen® in the UK....

Poultry Facts

How to improve hen fertility

Following specific procedures to increase hen fertility will not eliminate drops in fertility, but it may also reduce the need to trouble-shoot breeder flocks.Artificial...

Focus on

Patterns of EU poultry meat production and consumption – A 2016...

Poultry meat has been the fastest growing agricultural commodity over the past decades. This is mainly a result of the high absolute and relative...

Field Reports

Why tunnel ventilation is not a reality in Brazil

Brazil has vastly different poultry production profiles across its different states, each one with different ventilation practices, processes and realities. But one thing remains...


How eggs can provide sustainable nutrition to fight world hunger

In a world where so many people, especially children, go hungry and suffer from malnutrition, we have good evidence to show that eggs can...
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