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DSM launches its latest breakthrough innovation Balancius™ in the EU

DSM launched its breakthrough innovation BalanciusTM into the EMEA broiler market at the 22nd European Symposium in Poultry Nutrition. BalanciusTM launched in North America and Latin America...

Poultry Facts

Hot weather management

Hot weather can have a detrimental effect on flock performance and in extreme cases cause heat loss. While you cannot control outside weather conditions,...

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Claudio Ambrogio shares insights on slower-growing market in Europe

As Aviagen’s Business Manager for the Rowan Range® in Europe, Claudio Ambrogio is tasked with developing and coordinating sales, marketing and production strategies for...

Field Reports

Brazil and USA: competition on the global chicken meat market

In 2017, the author published two papers on the dynamics of Brazil´s chicken meat production and trade, using data until 2015. In the meantime,...


Body weight at point of lay and the ultra-structural properties of...

Ultra-structural studies have demonstrated that the eggshell is comprised of morphological distinct calcified layers with the mammillary layer being the “foundation” of the eggshell. Studies...
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