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Reventa compact air coolers

Since our foundation in 1982, the name REVENTA® has stood for quality, reliability and competence in stable climate technology.Since 2015 the company is...

Poultry Facts

Genetic selection in layers

Close to 10 years ago, Hendrix Genetics Layers started remodeling their breeding program. A range of restructuring activities, directly affecting the breeding operations made...

Focus on

Poultry farm Zarja in the eastern part of Siberia

The region Krasnoyarsk is Russia's second largest Federal State and is located mainly in the eastern part of Siberia, in the river basin of...

Field Reports

EU-Brazil partnership for sustainable soy

The third meeting since the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding on a Brazil-EU partnership for sustainable soy took place on 21 November 2018...


About the U.S. Egg Industry

United States table egg production totalled 7.55 billion during April 2017.1 Table egg flock size on May 1, 2017, was 313 million layers. Rate of...
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