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Poultry Facts

Production of healthy, uniform day-old chicks requires accurate climate data

In modern hatcheries, climate data are collected from various sensors installed in incubators and hatchery rooms, and from handheld measuring instruments. The performance of...

Focus on

Patterns of EU poultry trade – A 2016 status report

In contrast to trade with shell eggs, which is dominated by the EU, the share of EU member countries in global poultry meat trade...

Field Reports

Brazil and USA: competition on the global chicken meat market

In 2017, the author published two papers on the dynamics of Brazil´s chicken meat production and trade, using data until 2015. In the meantime,...


The effect of nutrient profiles in egg yolk on embryonic survival...

About 8% of chicken embryos die before hatching each year; the value is much higher in turkeys. Embryonic viability is influenced by a series...
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