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Cobb and ASGAV educate Brazilian consumers about the benefits of chicken

Together, Cobb-Vantress and ASGAV (Gaúcha Association of Poultry) are continuing a joint campaign educating Brazilian consumers about the benefits of making chicken a regular...

Poultry Facts

Eco-friendly heating for efficient poultry breeding

The new standards for commercial poultry breeding have been requiring more sustainable, efficient and cleaner technologies. Along with it, the organic poultry production is...

Focus on

Agritech, 30-years’ experience in silos’ production

Agritech, located in Calvisano, in the Brescia district, Italy, is a company specialized in the design and production of fiberglass silos and specific equipment...

Field Reports

Outlook of Nigeria’s poultry feed market

Nigeria's poultry industry could be headed for improved performance after the government announced measures meant to boost domestic egg and poultry meat production as...


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