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Regional Sales Manager, Western North America – David Hammond

Jamesway Incubator Company Inc. is excited to announce an expansion to our International Sales Team with the addition of a Regional Sales Manager for...

Poultry Facts

10 alerting signs of poor ventilation

Proper ventilation is basic in poultry farming as it reduces mortality, stimulates early feed intake, improves flock uniformity, and ensures an adequate temperature regulation.Here...

Focus on

Patterns of EU poultry trade – A 2016 status report

In contrast to trade with shell eggs, which is dominated by the EU, the share of EU member countries in global poultry meat trade...

Field Reports

Eggs to fight malnutrition in Nepal, Honduras and Ethiopia

Cobb-Vantress and OneEgg – an organization attacking poverty and malnutrition through sustainable community development – recently launched new chapters in Nepal, Honduras and Ethiopia....


Neural regulation of broodiness in turkeys

Egg production in turkeys is regulated by photoperiod. Long days stimulate egg production, followed by broodiness and a photorefractory stage in which long days...
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