Meyn introduces the new Meyn Vent cutter 240 for vent drilling at high speeds

The new Vent cutter 240 has been designed to operate at high speeds, up to 13,500 bph without sacrificing accuracy or adding yield loss....

Petersime launches automation solutions for single-stage hatcheries

New automation solutions from Petersime launched at IPPE 2018; More and more hatcheries have invested in single-stage incubation and see their business growing significantly....

Student careers program new to 2018 MPF Convention

The Midwest Poultry Federation – MPF – is excited to host the Student Careers Program, a new event for its 2018 convention on March...

Easy transport for eggs with Arion Fasoli’s dividers

Arion Fasoli showed their products and equipment at the SPACE 2017 with great success.The company launched a brand new product for poultry farms on...


Starting from November 2017, Giordano Poultry Plast is launching a brand new model within its animal transport coop range: the Piedmont Open (see picture...

ECS introduces a new tray for turkey, duck and geese eggs

Twinpack Special Products introduces a new tray for turkey, duck and geese eggs, complementary to the EggsCargoSystem. They developed the XXL tray especially for 20...

Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat and eggs

NEW poultry meat and eggs books have just been released by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing – Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat Vols 1-3...

Prevention is better than cure – Vencomatic Group launches its revolutionary Q-Perch

Vencomatic Group proudly launches their solution to control red mite. Red mite is a parasite that is on average present on 83% of European poultry...

Climate optimisation in poultry houses improve bird performance

Agro Supply expands range of heat exchangers Agro Supply – market leader and trendsetter when it comes to heat exchangers (Clima+ units) for poultry farming...

Natural Beak Smoothing, a new concept by Roxell

Roxell has recently introduced an innovative feeding concept, the Natural Beak Smoothing system, to solve beak treatment which represents a serious problem for poultry...

Baggy® and Baggy® Plus for controlling red mite in poultry flocks

Newpharm has gained an international reputation for developing an effective and definitive programme for controlling red mite in poultry flocks Dermanyssus gallinae (red chicken mite)...

Evonik to introduce first own developed probiotic (DFM) – GutCare® PY1

Over the coming years, Evonik, specialist in feed amino acids, also intends to assume a leading role in the field of sustainable and antibiotic-free...

Automated, high-capacity Stork Thigh Fillet System

Consumers worldwide are increasingly appreciating boneless chicken thigh meat. Marel Poultry already foresaw this trend a while ago. That's why the company developed the...

USDA strengthens rules for organic poultry

The final rule establishes a level playing field for organic producers, bolsters consumer confidence in the organic label, and ensures that all organic animals...

Laser to keep poultry chickens safe from avian bird flu

Organic egg farm employs lasers as biosecurity measure The British government has extended the avian influenza (bird flu) prevention zone to April 2017. Also the...

EggsCargoSystem: even a perfect tray can be improved

Improved trays for the EggsCargoSystem produced and distributed by Twinpack Special Products and Giordano Poultry Plast

Revolutionary Stork ATLAS, humane and efficient live bird handling uplifted

An advanced live bird handling system which won the EuroTier 2016 Innovation Award.

New aviary system AviaView by Jansen Poultry Equipment

On you tube you can see the new AviaView Aviary System by Jansen Poultry Equipment fully operational at the Spaul premises.

I-Flush, total hygiene solution for poultry drinking systems

The I-Flush system by Impex Barneveld ensures the maximum hygiene and efficiency in poultry houses.

Meyn introduces the TDS Thigh Deboning Solution M 1.0

Meyn launched a new thigh deboning solution for poultry producers.

Roxell optimizes the well-known MiniMax broiler feeder

Roxell launches a new version of Minimax feeder to meet the demand of poultry farmers for a more profitable production.

Giordano Poultry Plast awarded at SPACE 2016

The NEW feeder pan Twist by Italian Company GIORDANO POULTRY PLAST recently awarded at the SPACE Show, in France.

Eggs Cargo System® introduces the next revolution

The Dutch companies Twinpack Special Products and Ovotrack are collaborating with the EggsCargoSystem® Connect Concept® for the tracking and tracing of eggs

AZA INTERNATIONAL’s new products for poultry farming

The main innovations of AZA INTERNATIONAL concern broilers and turkeys with the launch of the MIXTA feed pan, while the new linear trough feeder BREEDAZA and SELF-DOSY feed pan have been designed for layers and breeders, respectively.

CARFED introduces a new live bird crate

A new live bird crate by Carfed. The great experience regarding live bird hauling and knowledge of plastics over the years, the capacity in...

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The new Meyn Automatic feet selection system

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