China – Stagnation in broiler meat and egg production

In 2014, China contributed 26.3 % to global egg production and 16.7 % to poultry meat production. But in the last 2 years, a...

Poultry production and marketing in Turkey

According to 2014 data, there are 11,328 commercial poultry enterprises in the Turkey poultry industry including hatcheries, slaughterhouses, breeding and commercial broiler and layer farms.

Poultry production in Saudi Arabia

Poultry Production in Saudi Arabia is rapidly expanding showing a great potential in the future.

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Interview to Ruwan Berculo, Manager VIV worldwide

Zootecnica International interviewed Ruwan Berculo, Manager VIV worldwidewho highlighted the story of the VIV organization throughout the years and outlined the innovations and the...