Innovative methods for a multidisciplinary risk management in poultry slaughterhouses

The purpose of controls in slaughterhouses is to ensure food safety and quality as well as to monitor animal health and welfare. Control efficiency can...

Meyn quality slaughtering

MEYN is the reliable and committed partner of renowned poultry processing companies in over 90 countries worldwide, with people having the right professional skills...

Taking portioning to a new era, Marel I-Cut 122 dual-lane high-speed portion cutter for...

I-Cut 122 Portion Cutter by Marel combines the highest levels of accuracy, throughput and reliability with new, innovative software. The dual-lane I-Cut 122 has been...

Water holding capacity in poultry breast meat

Water holding capacity (WHC) is defined as the ability of meat to hold its inherent and added moisture during fabrication, processing, and storage.

Stork Nuova CoreTech poultry evisceration

Marel Poultry is global supplier of innovative inline poultry processing equipment for broilers, turkeys and ducks, providing solutions for all process stages and all capacity levels. Now Marel Poultry developed the Stork Nuova CoreTech eviscerator to operate in emerging markets or in markets with specific or religious requirements.

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Bábolna Tetra continue to improve their layers to face future challenges

Bábolna TETRA have invested heavily in infrastructure over the past five years, with the updating of existing housing and the building of new breeding...