Feed Conversion Ratio optimized for farmer profit


The farmers’ cost for animal feed is one of the main expenditures consisting of 60-70% of the overall producer costs. These producer costs are impacted by climate control performance through the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). There is an explicit correlation between maintaining the correct environmental indoor conditions avoiding temperature fluctuations and optimized FCR.
Even the smallest changes in FCR at any given feed price can have a substantial impact on financial margins.

Munters develops and manufactures energy efficient climate control systems for optimum growth and the development of poultry, pig and dairy production. Through a wide range of products and application technologies, we can create just the right climate for the farmer’s specific needs. Our climate control systems have generated growth and development for many farmers and growers all over the world.
Munters product portfolio consists of energy efficient fans for extraction and circulation purposes, cooling pads running on air and water, air inlets, heaters to prevent fluctuations between day and night temperatures, light filters, ammonia cleaners for outdoor emission control. The true heart of each climate system consists of a climate controller which orchestrates the operation of all climate control equipment.