Munters helps feeding the world


Food. No matter what religion, status or nationality you belong to, the primary need for each human being on this planet is to have enough food available to live. Unfortunately, today millions of people is suffering from the lack of it.
Seems to be a lapalise statement, but it’s not at all: in this 21st century we’re more and more realizing that – nevertheless the technological progress – we’re not able to satisfy the global food demand, and the exponential growth of the population can only worsen the situation.
The traditional food production practiced for centuries is not sufficient in this new world scenario and we are all up for a new challenge. A new and innovative agriculture is practically the only solution able to guarantee adequate nutrition for today’s and tomorrow’s populations.
The biggest challenge agriculture is facing is that the population of the world is growing but there is no more land to plow. By the year 2050 we need to produce 60% more food. But there is only land available to produce 20% of that need. The other 80% needs to come from being more efficient. And right this one is the big main target set by Munters: to be able to produce so much more food.


In this scenario Munters is acting with foresight and innovative attitude in this field. In fact, Munters provides not only system solutions for climate control but can do it much more efficiently for the farmer and the distributor network. High quality products and systems that keep what they promise, cause less hassle for the dealer and increased profit and better animal health for the farmer.

Peter Gisel-Ekdahl
Peter Gisel-Ekdahl

Munters is heavily involved in ensuring that people get food on the table, by controlling the climate in installations all around the world. Our involvement in the global food supply chain makes myself and my colleagues very proud as we know that we make a difference” says Peter Gisel-Ekdahl, President Business Area AgHort

Any place where we put animals or plants inside a building, climate control is needed. And this is exactly what Munters does: take the undesirable outside conditions and we change it to totally desirable conditions for the inside of the building. In the following video is nicely shown the current situation when it comes food and global population, illustrating at the same time the close correlation between Munters knowledge and the good food that reaches our tables.

Munters provides not only system solutions for climate control but can do it much more efficiently for the farmer – see HERE to learn more about Munters strategy for a cost-effective production.