Omaz launches OMAZ Controller Plus


Omaz Controller Plus has been designed for the intelligent control of poultry house equipment and engineering.

OMAZ, an industry leader within this business sector with over sixty years of experience is a company always attentive and ready to innovate with new products and processes. At a time when we are talking more and more about Italy’s ”Industrial National Plan 4.0”, a process that encourages the use of industrial automation to improve the production quality within operations, OMAZ has launched its new automatic management system for poultry farms namely the OMAZ CONTROLLER PLUS.

It is a product that allows one to manage the smart automation of the equipment within a building. All this has been created with a user-friendly interface and with the possibility of remote operation via apps for smartphones, tablets etc., from worldwide locations, thus facilitating remote assistance and control. An OMAZ equipped farm becomes increasingly interactive and innovative.

This new system is able to manage: – lines of ventilation or inverter modulation systems; – inlets operated according to temperature, negative pressure or those positioned with potentiometer sensors; – double level alarms with “call management systems” via telephone dialing and alarm mail despatch; – LED lighting controls for the management of house lighting in tune with livestock growing periods; – the management of the feeding equipment and the loading and the unloading from the silos of the weighed feed; – egg management (number of good eggs, egg displacement and collection); – water management and usage; – daily reports of feed consumption and conversion ratios; – recording from sensors of the minimum and maximum values of temperature, humidity, CO2, NH3, NH4 readings; – cleaning system management.

The markets of today and of the future require and demand a poultry industry more and more in step with the times”– these are the words of Giuseppe Quadrini, the President of OMAZ – ”an industry operating with systems that are capable of being extremely useful. The OMAZ CONTROLLER PLUS allows one to manage the plant, even remotely, ensuring better welfare conditions for the livestock. A prerogative, which in the end, benefits not only the bird but also leads to high quality production“.

Following this philosophy, OMAZ is also very satisfied with the results from its innovative aviary ‘Open Space’ lines, for both layers and pullets. These are the latest developments from the Marche-Italy-based company, which focus on certain models that are complimentary with the new space control system under the FCS aviary (an exclusive OMAZ patent). The poultry industry marketplace requires above all technologies that are adaptable to the rearing of birds in alternative systems.

The OMAZ name is renowned for the quality of the raw materials used in their equipment and the field results, confirmed by the principal Italian poultry groups, have approved the Open Space aviary systems with flying colours.

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