BD Agricoltura Italia, the new Big Dutchman branch in Italy is at your disposal!

The BD Agricoltura Italia srl team (from left to right): Niccolò Norci, Mirco Gautieri, Sergio Ferri, Giulia Ferri, Rossella Guglielmi, Andrea Sala, Giuseppe Caprini.

BD Agricoltura Italia Srl: the complete team a year after its foundation.

After its foundation in 2017, BD Agricoltura Italia srl is looking back at a very successful first year. In addition to having sold 1,004,000 hen places in Natura Nova Twin aviaries and 280,000 in Natura 70 and 70 Plus aviaries, BD Agricoltura Italia has started selling equipment for poultry growing and pig production.

The increased turnover has also led to a larger team that is able to respond to the needs of the market and customers.

The company’s team currently consists of:

  1. Sergio Ferri – CEO
  2. Giulia Ferri – Administrative Coordinator
  3. Mirco Gautieri – Sales Manager BU Poultry
  4. Andrea Sala – Sales Manager BU Egg
  5. Niccolò Norci – Sales BU Pig, Tel: (+39) 3284573164, E-mail:
  6. Rossella geom. Guglielmi – Administration and Technical Support
  7. Giuseppe Caprini – After Sales & Field Service