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Zootecnica.com is a global website for poultry professionals providing quality information for poultry breeders, nutritionists, veterinarians, farmers and meat processors. The web magazine offers insights and articles on a wide range of subjects, such as market updates, how-to’s and tech tips to company activities, reviews of exhibitions and new products.

Updated daily, the website gives readers information on research and product innovations.

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About the paper Magazine

With more than 50 years experience as Monthly Journal specialized in Poultry Science and Breeding Technology, Zootecnica International is an important reference point for everyone involved in the poultry industry. The magazine enables readers to monitor all international markets, and keeps them informed on matters of policies, strategies and practices within the poultry sector.


Zootecnica International is distributed to approximately 30,000 readers in over 120 countries. The readership includes broiler, turkey and commercial egg producers; egg packing and processing plants; slaughtering centres and further processing poultry meat and egg plants; breeder farms and hatcheries; feed manufacturers and all those operators who are involved in the integrated poultry supply chain.


Zootecnica International has a 56 colour pages layout, including four to five full length scientific articles along with worldwide news, reviews of exhibitions, informative reports and interviews with representatives from the leading poultry companies.

The articles in Zootecnica International cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to all the different sectors of the poultry industry with focus on such areas as genetics, incubation, management, nutrition, veterinary, processing and marketing in differing geographical locations.

Our publications

The magazine is edited in three languages namely English, Russian and Italian.

The English edition is published monthly and distributed to approximately 20,000 readers in over 120 countries.

The Russian edition is a bimonthly magazine, which reaches nearly 5,000 readers in Russian language countries.

The Italian edition is published monthly and is circulated to over 4,000 readers resident in Italy.

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