Prinzen Palletiser, the latest addition to the Prinzen product range


To meet the increasing demand of further mechanization in automated egg handling the Prinzen Palletiser is the latest addition to the Prinzen product range. The capacity and functionality of the automatic palletiser perfectly matches the packing capacity of the Prinzen packer range starting from 25,200 (Prinzen70) up to 39,600 (Speedpack 110).

The palletiser receives stacks of six trays from an automatic stacker and places stacks onto a pallet. It can handle 40,000 eggs per hour on pallets, i.e. 110 cases, by lifting 4 stacks of trays in each movement. The palletiser operates independent and connects with any suitable type of farm packer. The frame design is compact and matches various egg room lay-outs and uses very little floor space.

Product manager Willy Groot Zevert about the new product: “The Prinzen Palletiser 110 automatically places the stacks onto the standardized plastic pallet concepts used in the egg business. This of course saves time, because the farmer doesn’t have to stop to move trays manually anymore. And egg quality output improves as this allows the poultry farmer now to focus extra on selecting the eggs. The Prinzen Palletiser 110 greatly reduces the tiring work of handling stacks and pleasantly improves the egg collecting work. And the attractive price of the palletiser really invites to invest in yourself.”