Roxell celebrates 50th anniversary


Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automatic feeding, drinking and heating systems for poultry and pigs, is celebrating 50 years of successfully serving the livestock industry around the globe.
Gino Van Landuyt, Managing Director of Roxell, takes the opportunity to mark this milestone: “This is indeed a happy occasion. It illustrates the will, determination and lasting success of a company, which relentlessly strives for product innovation and quality. Throughout the year we will celebrate our anniversary with our valued customers and distributors, and of course, with all employees in Belgium, Russia, Malaysia and the US. After all the talent, efforts and commitment of our associates are the cornerstone of our success, past and future.”

Looking back in time
Back in 1967 Forrest Lee Ramser and Howard Brembeck, founders of Chore-Time in the USA, established a subsidiary in Sijsele, Belgium. They were convinced that the European livestock industry would also benefit from their inventions: a feeding pan for broilers and the Axle-less auger. Two years later the company moved to a new facility in Maldegem, which also included a specialized development department. That was the starting point for a stream of new product introductions for poultry and pigs, which continues with the same intensity to this very day.
In 1990 the company changed its name and became world renowned as Roxell. A year later Roxell established a subsidiary in the USA and expanded its reach to every major market in the world.
In 1999 Roxell became a subsidiary of CTB Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company.
Further milestones include the establishment of a sales office in Russia in 2007 and a new plant in Malaysia in 2010.

Gino Van Landuyt, Managing Director of Roxell
Gino Van Landuyt, Managing Director of Roxell

Product leadership
Since its foundation Roxell specializes in innovative solutions for the livestock industry. Many of the Roxell systems initiated trends or became standards in the market: Flex-Auger, MiniMax, Hoxline, KiXoo, Vitoo etc. The company is considered a worldwide authority in the field of feeding, drinking and heating systems for poultry and pig houses.
As I look back at the past 50 years, I am excited to welcome the next 50 years,” says Gino Van Landuyt.
Roxell has always taken the lead and continues to do so by providing high quality and durable solutions, which respond to new market trends and changing regulations.
This year brings, amongst others, the introduction of the Natural Beak Smoothing concept that controls the beak growth of broiler breeders while they are eating. This new solution guarantees bird performance, feed saving and compliance with the upcoming animal welfare demands.

Roxell celebrating 50 years of activity this year. Quality, Service and Innovative products make the company ready for the future.

Local presence
Roxell aims to further consolidate its position in the growth markets in the coming years.
This ambition translates into a new, larger factory for Roxell Malaysia and an expansion of the infrastructure of Roxell USA, both of which become operational in the first half of 2017.
After these expansions Roxell will have a total factory space of 39,000 m², of which 21,000 m² is in Belgium.
In this way, Roxell’s operational footprint is aligned with the growth in the global markets and we can provide the same support to all our customers, irrespective of their location,” says Gino Van Landuyt.
Further initiatives, both in the area of sales and supply chain, are underway in order to strengthen Roxell’s physical presence in large emerging markets.
Finally, the efforts of the Roxell distributors are extremely important as well. Just to give an example, together they sell over 1.5 million feeders per year, quite an impressive performance.

Roxell’s future
The long-term indicators in the industry are largely positive. The world population continues to rise, as does the spendable income per capita. The combination of these two trends implies that the demand for animal proteins will further grow.
Roxell is fully prepared to help its customers meet that increasing demand. Innovative products of superior quality and functionality remain the hallmark of the company. Its committed workforce and distributor network vouch for strong customer service and support. “Roxell is ready for the future. We will not sit back and relax in the coming years,” concludes Gino Van Landuyt.