VUELA, a ventilation solution that surpasses conventional systems


TPI-Polytechniek, leading global innovator and provider in the field of ventilation components for the agricultural and industrial sectors, launched its latest innovation: the VUELA inlet valve.

The company’s extensive range of ventilation solutions, including precision-engineered inlets and chimneys, are designed to meet the specific needs of each facility, ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and durability. Loïc van der Heijden, Managing Director TPI-Polytechniek, helps our readers to find out characteristics and advantages of the innovative ventilation inlet.

Mr. van der Heijden, quality of indoor air is becoming increasingly important also in the poultry sector: could you tell us how TPI-Polytechniek has arrived to set this new standard in the field of ventilation?

Loïc van der Heijden – At TPI-Polytechniek, we’ve always been committed to advancing air management technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Recognizing the growing significance of indoor air quality, especially in industries like poultry farming, we embarked on a journey to develop a ventilation solution that meets the current and future ventilation demands. The result is VUELA, an innovative inlet valve designed to optimize airflow within facilities like never before.

VUELA is designed to optimize airflow within facilities: could you explain to us how the inlet valve works?

Loïc van der Heijden – VUELA features a unique V-shaped inner valve that guides air optimally under all conditions. This innovative design ensures that air jets penetrate deep into the facility, guaranteeing even and effective distribution of cool air. This significantly improves indoor air quality, creating a healthier environment for livestock. Moreover, by optimizing ventilation, VUELA helps regulate temperature and humidity levels, ultimately enhancing animal welfare and productivity. For farmers, this translates to better control over their operation’s environment and potentially higher yields.

Let’s talk about data. VUELA ensures deep and effective air distribution: what are the capacity ranges?

Loïc van der Heijden – VUELA offers impressive versatility in ventilation control. It can operate from a minimum capacity of 112 m³/h at 20 Pa at the minimum opening to an impressive maximum capacity of 2220 m³/h at 20 Pa at full opening. This versatility allows farmers to precisely adjust airflow according to their specific requirements, whether it’s maintaining optimal conditions for animal health or improving energy efficiency.

What are the differences between the original 145-series and the VUELA inlet valve? Can the 145-series easily replaced by the new system?

Loïc van der Heijden – VUELA represents a significant advancement from our original 145-series in terms of capacity, efficiency, durability, and ease of use. VUELA introduces a whole new design that optimizes airflow. With identical dimensions to the original 145 series, VUELA is specifically designed for easy replacement, without the need for extensive adjustments. This ease of replacement, combined with superior performance, makes VUELA an excellent choice for facilities looking to upgrade their ventilation systems with minimal downtime and maximum benefit.

At Minimal Opening Angles – VUELA’s design with its V-shaped inner valve allows it to operate efficiently even at very low opening angles, while maintaining the best air flow into the building. The minimum capacity of 112 m³/h at 20 Pa reached at a minimal opening of 7 degrees is critical in maintaining air quality and energy efficiency, especially in environments requiring precise ventilation control during low temperature periods.

At Maximum Opening Angles – At a full opening angle of 90 degrees, VUELA reaches its peak capacity at 2220 m³/h at 20 Pa. This improvement in airflow capacity compared to the original 145-series not only demonstrates VUELA’s superior performance but also its ability to deliver much greater volumes of air more effectively.

The enhanced performance of VUELA at both minimal and maximal opening settings ensures that it can provide better air distribution and climate control across a range of conditions. This adaptability is particularly beneficial in facilities that experience varied environmental demands, ensuring optimal air quality and energy usage without the need for constant adjustments.

What about installation and maintenance?

Loïc van der Heijden – Installation and maintenance are streamlined with VUELA. Equipped with the latest accessories and seals, including a new pulley unit made from durable ABS, VUELA is built to last. It’s resistant to chemical and high-pressure cleaning, making maintenance effortless. Additionally, its design ensures easy assembly, reducing downtime and costs associated with ventilation maintenance.

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