AB Vista to preview new carbon reduction study at ESPN


New AB Vista research exploring the effect of a targeted enzyme application on reducing the carbon footprint of broiler production is amongst the insights to be presented by AB Vista at the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN), taking place in Poland from June 10th to 13th.

It is one of seven abstracts from the company that promise to afford poultry professionals with a wealth of new insights into the nutritional impact of phytate and fibre, and to uncover the latest ways in which feed strategies can be fine-tuned to capitalise on the inherent value held within substrates.

Dr Tiago Santos, Technical and Marketing Director at AB Vista, explains that all research has been formulated with end users firmly in mind:

The research is precision-tailored to replicate ‘real life’ conditions in which products, strategies and services will ultimately be used: for example, our sustainability study used a carbon model derived specifically for livestock systems using real animal data, not only expected performance. The insights gleaned can be applied practically to commercial situations, helping feed producers meet their differential goals.

The sustainability study – which demonstrated a 3% reduction in the carbon footprint of broiler production – was conducted using AB Vista Maximum Matrix Nutrition application, a combination enzyme strategy designed to extract maximum value from phytate and fibre, delivering significant improvements across nutrient uptake for considerable feed cost savings.

The research being showcased also includes fresh insights into new dual action microbiome activator Signis – a unique product which accelerates the development of a fibre-degrading microbiome to improve animal performance. Papers explore improvements across a range of broiler diets: corn and wheat-based, as well as those deficient in energy and amino acids.

Posters and abstracts have been authored and (where applicable) will be presented by specialists from AB Vista’s research and technical teams. Full details of poster locations and presentation times can be found at https://espn2019.syskonf.pl.

Those not attending the event but interested in learning more are invited to contact info@abvista.com for details on the research being presented.

For more information, contact AB Vista on +44(0)1672 517 650 or info@abvista.com. Follow AB Vista on Twitter: @ABVista.