Award for best pitch Q-Perch


During the 7th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group Level (WAFL) Vencomatic Group was rewarded for the best pitch of the Innovation day.
The day where applied researchers and stakeholders involved in livestock production presented their products and ideas on improving animal welfare.
Anne van den Oever (Researcher R&D) presented the Q-Perch for the Vencomatic Group, a mechanic solution that controls red mite based on their natural lifecycle. With her presentation she won the award for the best pitch.

The revolutionary Q-Perch is a mechanic solution that controls red mite based on their natural lifecycle. It withholds red mite from eating and thereby prevents their reproducing. The Q-Perch is a perch containing two barriers, which are able to kill red mite during their journey towards the chicken.
The system is equipped with a small electrical current running through the barriers, which the chickens cannot come into contact with, but they are lethal for red mite. This solution may help producers in reducing the use of pesticides. The Q-Perch offers a continuous line of defence preventing the negative effects of red mite to occur.
WAFL is an international scientific conference on the assessment of animal welfare at farm and group level. It is organised once every three years, and this time held in Wageningen, The Netherlands.