Bess Lab – DACS MagFan ONe best in test


DACS energy efficient ventilation systems significantly reduce operating cost compared to the competition. This without compromising the in-house climate or the production results. With the new test report from Bess Lab in hand the company clearly demonstrated that DACS is ahead of the competition. The test was conducted on the New MagFan ONe at Bess Lab University, Georgia from 6th to 8th of August 2018.

MagFan ONe is the company’s “conventional” ON/OFF wall fan. The MagFan ONe simply sets new standards in terms of efficiency, capacity and pressure performance. It will simply revolutionize the market for ON/OFF wall mount fans. MagFan ONe is in every aspect identical to the existing MagFan, except it is an on/off fan. It is still a direct drive fan, so no belts and pulleys – hence no maintenance.

MagFan ONe – Best in test at Bess Lab

Each year, Bess Lab, Illinois, and University of Georgia define the top 1% of all fans tested by two key parameters:

  • Energy Efficiency Rating should be 22 CFM/Watt or higher;
  • Air Flow Ratio (AFR) should be 0.79 or higher.

MagFan ONe stands out

The Air Flow Ratio (AFR) of the MagFan ONe is 0.86 and has the highest AFR of all top 1% on/off fans ever tested at Bess Lab. With 22.2 cfm/Watt It also has one of the absolute best Energy Efficiency Ratings of the top 1% on/off fans. The results are impressive. At -25 Pascal (0.1” WC) Magfan ONe delivers 62.400 m3/h (36700 CFM) which is a good 35% more than the best of the rest of the top 1% on/off fans. In other words, it will simply revolutionize the market for ON/OFF wall mount fans.

MagFan ONe in short: • Built to last, maintenance-free • Capacity up to 68.900 m3/h (40600 cfm) • Pressure capability up to 100 Pascal • Runs voltages from 380VAC to 440VAC 50Hz • Asynchronous 3-phase motor: 1,8kW @ 720 rpm • Saves 75% on transportation costs.

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