Cobb-Vantress announces 2018 North American Flock Award Winners


As a celebration of exceptional performance and dedication to poultry breeding, Cobb-Vantress recently presented its annual Flock Awards to North American poultry customers who demonstrated remarkable results in 2018.

Launched in 2004, the awards program recognizes top-performing facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America that are maximizing the genetic potential of Cobb breeding stock. Each year, the Cobb technical services team conducts an annual Sold Flock Breeder Survey to determine the award recipients based on egg production, hatchability, chicks per hen housed and life of flock hen mortality.

Cobb representatives announced the winners in January and will host individual ceremonies to present winners with plaques to commemorate their achievements.

“With the support of our dedicated technical service team, our customers continue to exceed the possibilities of Cobb breeder performance each year,” said Ken Semon, senior director of technical service for Cobb North America. “Their commitment to excellence is unparalleled, which is evident in the high level of performance these winners achieved last year. All of the winners should be proud of their accomplishments, and our top performers will continue to serve as motivation, driving the North American poultry breeding industry to newfound levels of success.”

The full list of 2018 North American winners include:

Award                  Cobb-Vantress CustomerLocationCountry
Co-National Best, Cobb500George’s Inc.Harrisonburg, Va.United States
Co-National Best, Cobb500Pilgrim’sHarrisonburg, Va.United States
Co-National Best, Cobb700Tyson Foods, Inc.Noel, Mo.United States
Co-National Best, Cobb700Tyson Foods, Inc.Oglethorpe, Ga.United States
Cobb500 Fast Feather Top Flock ProducerPilgrim’sMoorefield, W.Va.United States
Cobb500 Slow Feather Top Flock ProducerPitman Family FarmsSanger, Calif.United States
Cobb700 Top Flock ProducerPeco Foods, Inc.Sebastopol, Miss.United States
Cobb500 Package Top Flock ProducerTyson Foods, Inc.Snead, Ala.United States
National BestSynergy Agri Group Inc.Port Williams, Nova ScotiaCanada
Cobb500 Fast FeatherSynergy Agri Group Inc.Port Williams, Nova ScotiaCanada
Cobb500 Slow FeatherCooperative Fédérée De QuebecVictoriaville, QuebecCanada
Total Eggs Per Hen Hatched (Mx x 500F)Synergy Agri Group Inc.Port Williams, Nova ScotiaCanada
Regional Best, Cobb500CMI-IP – Avicola VillalobosGuatemala CityGuatemala
Cobb500 Fast FeatherCMI-IP – Avicola Pollo ReySan JoseCosta Rica
Cobb500 Slow FeatherCMI-IP – Avicola VillalobosGuatemala CityGuatemala
Mexico Best, Cobb500BuenaventuraVillaflores, ChiapasMexico

“It is a great privilege to be receive the Best Cobb Package award,” said David Pruitt, breeder hatchery manager at the Tyson Foods, Inc. facility in Snead, Alabama, and winner of the Cobb500 Package Top Flock Producer award. “It was a team effort – and one that would not have been possible without the family of one of our dedicated growers coming together after losing their father midway through the flock.”

Source: Cobb-Vantress, Inc.