New Jamesway Director of Sales in Latin America and Spain


Jamesway Incubator Company announces that Dr. Jesus Campa is now Director of Sales in Latin America and Spain. Dr. Campa has been with Jamesway since 2001 as Regional Sales Manager for that area and in that time he has been instrumental in bringing together the key stakeholders of the hatchery industry. This move reflects Jamesway’s current momentum in Latin America and Spain, as the company continues to enhance our commitment to current customers while supporting new growth, especially important as the interest in the company’s Platinum 2.0 single-stage machine flourishes. Jesus will be responsible for expanding the sales outlets, while servicing and consolidating Jamesway’s agents, as well as enlarging their sales staff in Latin America as it continues to grow.

Dr. Jesus Campa

Jamesway customers know Dr. Campa as a passionate and dedicated professional who brings an attention to detail to every project. He has a degree in veterinary medicine and over 33 years actively working in the hatchery industry, including many years as a hatchery General Manager. He has been involved in all areas of production, from finance to technical service. His interests and knowledge are broad and involve a thorough understanding of the poultry industry, the needs of a hatchery and the importance of committed customer service. This experience and perception is not only an asset to his customers, it also makes him an important advisor on the Jamesway staff.

Dr Campa says: I think that the single most important service that Jamesway brings to the table is the ability to design the hatchery exactly according to each customer’s needs; like a tailor-made suit. I work with our team to customize the most reliable, highest performing and easily managed incubation systems and then we also throw in superior technical advice to ensure the optimal performance. I look forward to continuing in this capacity as Jamesway continues to expand its footprint in Latin America and Spain.”