Ventilation is important to flock health

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Aviagen Anadolus production management school highlights importance of ventilation to flock health, welfare and performance. Ventilation is hot topic in Production Management School portfolio.

Aviagen® Anadolu held its second Ventilation School, July 4-6, in Ankara, Turkey. Welcoming 11 poultry broiler and breeder farm managers representing 9 customers, the school offered a good balance of classroom theory and on-the-farm training. Delivered by Poultry Ventilation Specialist Bernard Green, the curriculum stressed how critical proper ventilation in poultry housing is to breeder and broiler health, welfare and performance.

The school covered the three basic ventilation types: minimum, transitional and tunnel. It also emphasized the importance of observing bird behavior and considering environmental conditions while choosing the type of ventilation.

Aviagen is committed to sharing its expertise and latest industry developments in flock management for the benefit of customers and future generations of poultry professionals. The Aviagen Anadolu School is one of the company’s numerous Production Management Schools organized throughout the globe to fulfill this goal.

Africa Fernández Gutiérrez, Aviagen Anadolu senior technical operations manager explained, “Effective ventilation is critical for optimal health and performance, as many respiratory, gut and mobility problems, including foot pad dermatitis and other leg problems, can be minimized and even eliminated if the house environment is adequate. This years Ventilation School inspired high participation, with a lively exchange of ideas and viewpoints.

On the last day of the school, all participants received course completion certificates, and Africa presented the first-place award to Ratip Emirsoy, broiler house manager from Northern Cyprus working for Mustafa HacıAli Poultry Company, who received the highest score on the theoretical test.

Ratip stated, “The ventilation training was helpful in pointing out the details that are key to successful ventilation.” Asofis Broiler Field Supervisor Gürsel Çiftçi, said, “The ventilation school was effective in articulating how much more productive houses can become when proper adjustments are made to our existing systems. We will henceforward visit our producers and share the practical information we have learned.

Aviagen Anadolu’s educational portfolio continues to grow, and it will organize further trainings on various topics including animal health, nutrition and feed.