Jansen Poultry Equipment: the perfect solution for cage-free egg production

Jansen Poultry Equipment offers a wide range of cage free solutions which allow optimal egg production results combined with easy management.


Aviary systems
In aviary systems birds get to fly around the entire house. The aviary system has a resting and living platform and contains laying nests. Hens get access to feed and water by integrated feed and water lines. Jansen Poultry Equipment offers various types of aviary systems that meet specific demands of farmers.
The Comfort 2inside aviary system for instance allows hens to move through the system by integrated stairs and give optimal overview of the birds. Premium+ XL XXL or LayMaxx laying nests offer optimal conditions for hens to lay first quality eggs. Both of them attract birds to the nests by their comfortable qualities providing hygienic conditions that allow egg to stay clean.

Rearing pullets for aviary systems
Most important management issue with aviary systems is to get the birds inside these nests to lay their eggs. Therefore birds need to be able to fly and jump to the upper tiers of the system. Training of the birds is therefore an important aspect. Alternative rearing systems train birds optimally for their future life in an aviary system.
Jansen Poultry Equipment offers two types of rearing systems: the more intensive rearing system RearMaxx and the NivoVaria for an optimal training of the birds by offering various platforms in an open system. The NivoVaria rearing system is a perfect rearing system for farmers who want to keep their birds in an open environment from the start being able to have a perfect overview on the birds. Various NivoVaria platforms can be adjusted to the birds’ development. The RearMaxx on the other hand allows easier vaccination and catching of the birds by offering the possibility to lock the birds up in the various compartments.

Enriched colony system
For farmers who need to meet the regulations but still want their birds to be kept in a colony system, Jansen Poultry Equipment developed an enriched colony system, the VolMaxx®. This system is enriched with a scratch area among other additions. The VolMaxx colony housing system provides a good overall view and maximum house utilization, while creating a comfortable environment for the hens, which maximizes their performance. The sustainable system guarantees many years of egg production. The VolMaxx® enriched colony system is fully compliant with European regulations.

Jansen Poultry Equipment MultiFlex Elevator

Egg handling
The laying nests in the aviary systems ensure that eggs are laid in a clean environment for a better egg quality. Eggs end up on the egg belt, which transports the eggs automatically to one side of the house. Handle eggs with great care and efficiency is indispensable to complete the egg production. With the innovation of the FlexBelt and the MultiFlex Elevator, Jansen Poultry Equipment made it possible to preserve egg quality during transport to the central collecting point. The systems prevent cracks in eggshells and therefore preserve high egg quality. The Farmpacker egg packer ensures a fast and safe packaging of approximately 24.000 eggs per hour. To complete the fully automatic egg handling process, the Cobot palletizing robot ensures precise positioning of the trays in containers or on pallets.

Management guidance
Farmers who feel like receiving guidance on the management of their birds can always count on full support of Jansen Poultry Equipment. Poultry specialists can help with all kinds of management questions such as: ‘’how can I make my birds perform optimal in order to make maximal profit out of the production?’’. Quality is what counts.
For further information contact Jansen Poultry Equipment e-mailing to: info@jpe.org, call +31 342 427 000 and visit the company website at www.jpe.org.