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MEYN is the reliable and committed partner of renowned poultry processing companies in over 90 countries worldwide, with people having the right professional skills to offer both the flexibility and innovation in slaughtering.
With a local presence in many places around the globe, a relentless drive to help improve customers’ performance by offering intelligent and situation-specific solutions, and with all the knowledge, equipment, systems and services that are critical for success, Meyn presents an extensive range of processing equipment to form integrated solutions, answering today’s and tomorrow’s processing demands. Meyn has been at the forefront of equipment design and innovation for almost 60 years.
Quality, appearance and marketability of the end product are affected at every stage of the poultry processing line and this critically starts at the de-feathering department. The slaughtering department has to deliver a clean product ready for evisceration and further processing. The Meyn processing equipment not only realizes this clean, high quality product, but it does so with an absolute minimum of energy and labor requirements.

Defeathering equipment
The Meyn slaughtering equipment has been developed from intensive research and practical experience to provide optimum efficiency, durability, safety and economy. This means high quality construction from high quality materials and designs perfected and proven in real processing situations. Meyn’s slaughtering equipment is easy to use and can easily be adjusted during processing. The modular design of the equipment enables processing of a range of capacities from 500 up to 13,500 birds per hour.

When Meyn developed its new multistage CO2 stunning system, a co-development with Praxair Inc., a lot of attention was given to animal welfare. As the birds remain in the drawer or container during stunning, the handling and transport of active birds is completely eliminated. This largely reduces handling stress and thus risks on injuries to the birds. The closed cabinet construction allows for the CO2 concentration, so that it can be perfectly managed in every stage of the process. This ensures a humane stun and greatly improves product quality.
The Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system forms an integral part of the Meyn live bird handling systems. Both new as well as existing configurations can be extended with this innovative stunning system.
Meyn offers two types of water bath stunners: a conventional stunner as well as a high frequency stunner, which comply fully with the EU regulations. After a bird is stunned then it passes through the neck incision and bleed-out process.

Electrical stimulation
The electrical stimulator is part of Meyn’s accelerated maturation concept. The use of electrical stimulation shortens the time post mortem that the product needs to reach rigor mortis, the state in which the product can be deboned. An off line chill room, needed for a long maturation before deboning, can be avoided, considerably reducing required floor space and handling cost.
A stimulation time of 40 seconds is recommended for an optimum result. This will produce a tender fillet within two hours and 45 minutes post mortem. The system configuration consists of single and double lane modules, which can be placed above the bleeding trough. The set up can be composed after client specific parameters such as shackle pitch and capacity.

The Meyn jet stream scalder has a unique water flow system that pulls the carcasses down in a stream that moves with the line direction. As the water floats with high velocity along the entire skin, the heat exchange is optimised, resulting in a shorter processing time. The water not only pulls the bird down, but also makes it move along with the line direction. This way, scalding at high line speeds is no longer an issue as products are not dragged to the surface and scalded on only one side. The Meyn jet stream scalder delivers an extreme uniform scalding result, independent of weight range or line speed.

In the plucking line, the birds pass through a series of plucking machines that are equipped with motor driven rotating discs, each operating a number of plucking fingers. The discs closely follow the contours of the bird and water spray removes the plucked feathers. Easy and simple adjustment in height and width, even during production, provides excellent plucking results. Efficiency and ease of use are key features of Meyn’s plucking equipment and their precision in operation provides optimum plucking results with an absolute minimum of incidental damage to the skin of the bird.
The Meyn plucking machines can be supplied with a fixed cabinet with either two or three rows of plucking discs on each side or with separate plucking banks, which can be individually adjusted. Both series are available in various lengths.

The Meyn hock cutter separates the hocks from the whole bird. The legs are positioned in a synthetic cutting wheel. When the shackle guide pushes the shackle inside, the ankle joints are bent. Depending on the setting of the machine, the rotating knife cuts through or below the ankle joint. The machine is placed in a corner wheel of the overhead conveyor of the slaughtering line or it can be integrated in the re-hanger slaughtering/evisceration.
The Meyn feet cutter separates the feet from the hocks. With the hocks hanging in the slaughtering shackle, they are separated by a rotating knife, which cuts the hock into a shank and a foot. When a hock cutter is applied, a stand-alone feet cutter can be used to separate the shank and feet.

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