Stork Nuova CoreTech poultry evisceration


Stork Nuova CoreTech evisceration technology provides solutions for all processing capacities up to 6,000 broilers per hour, taking into account that giblet harvesting will be done manually. Poultry processors in emerging markets can have immediate access to proven technologies of the sophisticated Nuova eviscerating system without having to invest in equipment which is actually designed for the highest line speeds. The CoreTech system can easily be upgraded at a later point in time without the need to change the entire platform. In this way, CoreTech can ‘grow along’ with the processor.

The CoreTech eviscerator can cope with various line speeds and large variations in flock size and weight. Whether bigger or smaller birds enter the machine, the differences in supply are automatically compensated for. The flexible system exactly positions each bird for precise evisceration without any adjustment of settings needed.

Evisceration procedure
Stork CoreTech is a rotary system with 16 or 20 units. Its task is to remove the entire intestine pack from the body cavity in one single, automated operation. The consistency and thoroughness of the system practically eliminates damage to the parts or the product itself. The drawing arm positions the entire viscera pack over the back side of the product, ensuring total hygiene and preventing contamination.

Sanitation is cautiously taken care of. Machine parts which have been in contact with the product get a high pressure cleaning after each operation cycle. The products and viscera packs are cleaned by low-pressure spray nozzles. This fully hygienic operation prevents virtually all contamination risks. Besides that, CoreTech consumes considerably less water compared to conventional systems.

Markets with specific demands
In almost any market with specific or religious inspection requirements, the Stork Nuova CoreTech eviscerator will be of major value. To establish the health of the product, veterinary inspectors find specific organs such as lungs, heart and liver very important. Stork CoreTech accommodates an easy inspection because the viscera pack, hanging over the back of the product, is clearly visible. As such, it is able to issue products which are suitable for e.g. halal or kosjer inspection purposes.

When making use of the flexible and customizable abilities of Stork CoreTech, poultry processors will have the opportunity to generate maximum possible evisceration yield.

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