Marel Poultry, worry-free transfer performance up to 15,000 bph

LineLink transfer units perform ultra-reliably up to 15,000 bph and transfer not only products but also data.

For contemporary poultry processing plants, Marel Poultry has developed LineLink transfer systems, particularly suitable for capacities up to 15,000 bph. LineLink DE transfers products from the defeathering line to the evisceration line, while LineLink EC transfers products from the evisceration line to the chilling line. Not only each product, but all information collected on it is transferred too. LineLink automatic inline transfer helps optimize product hygiene and ensures full traceability.

Transfer units mark crucial phases in a processing plant, where different types of shackles are needed for different departments. Certainly when speeds are accelerated to 15,000 bph, processors should be able to rely on flawless transfer. LineLink units ensure such a worry-free performance: they guarantee fast, but hygienic, careful handling without damage to the product, and with no empty shackles downstream.

Paramount reliability
First, incoming products are located into the system’s units. A large part of the carousel’s circumference is used for positioning products carefully. Then they are conveyed round the system’s carousel to the point where they are guided into the new shackle. Products are now perfectly positioned for downstream operations. Both lines run at exactly the same speed. Products are transferred on a one to one basis, preventing empty shackles and a higher line speed downstream. Line forces are synchronized electronically by the Stork Active Tension Control (ATC) system. ATC compensates automatically for differing chain stretch on the two lines. Only in this way, both lines always run at precisely the same number of shackles per minute and immaculate coupling can be achieved.

Data transfer
LineLink transfers not only products, but also data. Each individual product transfer is accompanied by transfer of the associated weight and quality information, gathered by assessment systems such as SmartWeigher and IRIS. These data can be used for production order planning and downstream processes. In the defeathering department, this information can be an aid to veterinary inspection with selective unloading. Moreover, the information collected on each product ensures traceability through the entire process.

Combining LineLink with Innova PDS software, processors can monitor and evaluate the transfer performance real-time from a central point. This adds to a more detailed traceability.

Marel Poultry is the world’s first supplier of integrated 15,000 bph lines. Dealing with such high speed, all components must have absolute reliability. Already proven in practice, the fast operational pace of Marel Poultry’s 15,000 bph lines brings about a significant increase in performance and yield. Achieving lowest production costs, it is of utmost importance that highest quality and efficiency remain uncompromised.

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