62nd National Poultry Show


For more than 60 years the four feather boards, with the support of the Poultry Industry Council have built and grown an impressive national trade show blended with professional development, a wide array of products & services, guest presentations and informative seminars.

This show is proud to reinvest back into the Poultry industry. The longevity and success of this important agri-business show would not be the cornerstone of this industry, without our valued exhibitors, and sponsors support throughout six decades of innovation and growth.

With a focus on the future, the Western Fair Association (WFA) is excited to work with the Poultry Industry Council (PIC) at a transformative time. With a new WFA CEO in place chartering a course for the next era of the Association, and a new progressive, agriculturally focused strategic vision for the Association and its consumer/trade shows, working in tandem with PIC we will ensure WFA’s events remain progressive, innovative, and relevant to the entire value-chain of agriculture and its customers for years to come.

Keith Robbins, Executive Director, PIC shares that “PIC is proud to partner on this event that delivers an engaging forum where the entire Poultry industry gets together to share ideas that will continue to lead exciting innovations for this sector.

This national feather industry event is a major buying and business-to-business show that has become a 60+ year tradition for generations of farmers to remain up-to-date and competitive in an increasingly demanding business. Western Fair Association and Poultry Industry Council are so appreciative to so many for ensuring the longevity on the National Poultry Show. The goodwill and support from industry, Boards, exhibitors and sponsors has been our greatest supporting factor in the growth and evolution of this important agri-business event. We can’t thank you enough for that. Generations of farming families have networked with one another in the aisles of the National Poultry Show supporting the event through its metamorphosis from the Poultry Industry Council and Exhibition in the late 1950’s to the millennial London Poultry Show and finally recognizing its National status in the 2000’s with attendees and exhibitors from across the globe.

It was the little show that grew, housed in the Manufacturing Building in its early days, which burned to the ground, during the show, in 1963, and grew out of the ashes to expand and fill the Progress Building in the 1960’s and 70’s as the industry rallied to ensure its must-attend status. By the 1980’s and 90’s thousands of attendees were enjoying delicious luncheons at the show which highlighted tasty industry fare and became fun and unique networking opportunities at the event.

In the last two decades the show has enhanced its educational component for producers. Bio Security, Energy Conservation, Poultry Welfare, Heat Stress, Clean Water and Poultry Science were topics producers wanted to learn about. When the industry faced the avian influenza crisis in 2015 the show in solidarity with its industry partners cancelled the event to ensure that it did not risk the socialization of poultry producers and spread the virus wider, bringing further economic harm to the industry. It was a tough year, but in true industry form the event and its stakeholders rallied back and in 2016 the event grew and expanded again into the Agriplex, fortifying its longevity with exhibitors, sponsors and customers.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2020 National Poultry Show, Western Fair District, April 8 & 9.

For more information: www.poultryindustrycouncil.ca