Extension of the injection syringes programme for the poultry production industry


Socorex Isba SA is a Swiss manufacturer of self-refilling injection syringes with spring-loaded plunger and three-way valve system. Simple conception, perfect hand balance and ergonomic design provide for ease of use, operator comfort and fatigue free fieldwork.

The syringes are intended for repeat vaccination of poultry and other animals. Their known reliability benefits to animal health as every bird receives the exact dose ensuring efficient protection. All Socorex syringes are easily disassembled, cleaned, and reused for many years. All parts are available separately to maintain the syringes in good working over a long period of time.

Choice of two different syringe lines

The classic glass and metal syringes remain a safe value at Socorex. The models have been appreciated for years by users for their robustness and high reliability. They are available as fixed and adjustable volumes ranging from 0.3 ml to 10 ml.

A new generation of ultra syringes effectively completes the Socorex offer. These instruments are made of robust synthetic resin and are extremely light in weight. The metal piston and the thick glass barrel give them the excellent reliability you would expect from a Socorex instrument. In terms of ergonomics, they are very soft to activate and allow long series of injections without hand fatigue. These ultra models are available as adjustable volumes ranging from 0.02 ml to 2 ml.

Needle selection

A quality needle shows very high mechanical resistance. Made of superior stainless steel, the Socorex needles have a very sharp bevel intended for thousands of injections, depending on animal skin type. Adequate length and gauge are chosen in accordance with animal size/age and vaccine type. Prefer smallest possible diameter (gauge) to minimize tissue damage, knowing that thicker liquids may require larger needle size. The Socorex safety packaging has sliding cover avoiding hand / finger injury when handling.

Remember to clean-up after each vaccination campaign

Once the campaign is over, operator must rinse, clean, dry and disinfect the injection syringe according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Single-use and worn-out needles must be disposed in an appropriate safety container. Store re-usable equipment in adequate clean and dry location.

Combining a good planification, the use of a first-class self-refilling syringes for highly professional work and respect of current rules and legislations, all parameters are gathered to run successful injection campaigns.