Facco’s different solutions for feed dispensation


Faccos feeding system is the result of years of study and experience that allowed to optimize and refine the characteristics and methods of feedings distribution.

Facco developed over the years two different methods for feed dispensation according to the type of installation: the trolley feeding system and the flat chain feeding system.

The trolley feeding system is dedicated to the traditional battery systems and represents an excellent technical solution for a uniform and regular distribution of the feed in the feed trough. Its characterized by the presence of a self-propelled steel trolley pulled by a rope. The distribution is continuous and uniform thanks to the leveler that regulates the feed distribution according to the quantity in the feed trough keeping it consistent and channeling the feed to the bottom of the feed trough.

Trolley-systemThe feed trough is equipped with edges that prevent feed wastage and its inclination allows the animal to eat all the feed including the smaller components which contains the majority of the nutrients. The shape of the feed trough has a unique structure that, together with the other elements of the trolley, make Faccos feeding system the most reliable and precise on the market.

The flat chain feeding system has been introduced by Facco in the 70s and is found mostly in the cage free systems. This system is characterized by great flexibility which allows to adapt it to every installation. The flat chain distributes the feed consistently and the speed can be regulated allowing to adapt the system to every type of installation. The flexibility is identified by the hoppers which can have different capacities and can supply more circuits simultaneously including those of big dimensions.

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