LUBING products for washing and sanitizing drinking lines


LUBING has always been attentive to promote systems that have as their objective the hygiene and sanitation of drinkinglines and water used in the houses.

Optima E-Flush and Touch Control LCW

The pressure regulator LUBING Optima E-Flush is the basic model which guarantees always fresh and clean water in the drinkinglines.

This pressure regulator is equipped with a manual by-pass and can be upgraded with an actuator for automatic flushing. The basic model is managed directly by the breeder, while the Optima E-Flush with actuator for automatic flushing must be combined with the Touch Control LCW which allows to program, times and duration of the flushing, depending on the needs.

The control unit (art. 4482) successively switches the actuators which open the integrated flush valve of the pressure regulator. Once the line is pressurized, the flush breather closes itself automatically, thus causing the water to flow out of the house through the LUBING drainage system.

LUBING Touch Control LCW offers several features:

  • temperature-flushing: the temperature of the drinking water can be monitored and flushed out at high temperatures, replaced with fresh cool water;
  • refill: the drinking line can be flushed after a treatment (for example a medication) – after previous calibration – and refill it completely;
  • the flushing can be either time-based or water-meter controlled.

If there are more than 10 lines to be checked, an expansion box can be used for additional 8 lines (LCW extension box, art. 4483).

This pressure regulator also works in case of power failure; in this case use the red knob to washthe line manually.

Optima E-Control and Touch Control LCO

At a higher technological level than the previous pressure regulator, there is the new Optima E-Control, equipped with a dedicated Touch Control LCO.

With the LUBING Optima E-Control system, by means of continuous monitoring, the water pressure can be regulated and set electronically in order to provide animals a constant quantity of water. Feedback from the water columns of the individual lines to a central control unit allows for easy monitoring on a constant basis for the user.

The LUBING Optima E-Control system goes one step further yet: it automatically adjusts the water column in the drinking line; it can be time-controlled, by function or according to specific programs. Thus, the moisture content of the litter can be reduced significantly, improving the welfare of the animals (the key word here being the health of the footpad by avoiding pododermatitis) without needing to re­regulate the water column manually or, in extreme cases, even to turn off the water supply. An automatic reaction to the change of external conditions is also possible, such as an automatic increase in water column height with rising temperatures, concurrently increasing the water supply.

TwinClean Line

This system guarantees perfect hygiene of the drinking lines in poultry farms. The drinking water in the TwinClean Line is continuously circulated inside the drinking line. In addition a pump is installed in the circulation unit, which pumps the water with defined pressure to the upper line of the drinking line profile.

The water runs to the end and flows back again in the lower nipple pipe to the pump.
The advantages at a glance:

  • no still water in the drinking line.
  • uniform water temperature in the entire drinking line.
  • uniform distribution of vitamins and medications.
  • secure transport of water by means of the double pipe cross-section and additional pump.
  • drinking line with hygienic profile that allows easy and thorough external cleaning.

The new front valve considerably facilitates flushing and medication or vaccination processes because the filling of the line can be controlled right at the supply point instead of at the end of the line.

E-Dos and E-Dos Touch

Upstream of the drinking lines, LUBING has designed a range of electrical dosers for the sanitization and administration of special products and additives through water. Also in this case LUBING offers two solutions: E-Dos 1,2+3 easy to use and essential in technology and E-Dos Touch 1&2 with a more refined technology. Both products are user-friendly, guarantee high performance and are highly resistant against acids. The different models, their options and configurations allow to satisfy the most varied needs of modern poultry farms.