The optimal solution for any poultry feeding need


Poultry farms, of any size, location and species they are earmarked for, constantly need to supply the best economic result, in terms of both conversion and group homogeneity, in accordance with regulatory and growing expectations of animal well-being and environmental sustainability

It is therefore necessary that both those who set up farms and those who manage them are constantly updated about the context and the offer from the market, especially in its more dynamic fields, such as genetics, equipment, feeding and automation.

In its corporate itinerary begun in 1964, in Italy, and progressively expanded worldwide, Giordano Poultry Plast has always shared and often anticipated the search for effective solutions for the entire poultry production chain. From breeding to the slaughterhouse and to meat and egg handling, always with innovative solutions achieved by the ongoing interaction with the world of production and with leading technological partners in the aforementioned sectors.

As one of the most dynamic fields of its activity and to provide an increasingly more appropriate answer to one of the above mentioned key factors for the economic success of poultry production, namely, feeding, Giordano Poultry Plast has duly extended over time the range of its feeders and the species for which the same should be designed and implemented. Moving therefore from manual feeders, by now milestones worldwide, such as Manola B (for broilers) and Manola T (for turkeys and web-footed birds), we created the automatic innovative solutions Twist and Polyfeeder, designed to provide a precise answer to one of the main necessities of a farm manager – to optimise, both in terms of use and economically, the switch from the feeding of newly introduced subjects to that of animals up the end of the cycle.

That is how Twist was created. Since its presentation, it received significant awards at international fairs. It is distinguished by two peculiarities:

  • it is the first feeder in the world that consists of only 3 elements;
  • it is the only one so far to allow washing at the end of the cycle without the need for any disassembly or manipulation. Indeed, by introducing a jet of water under pressure through an ad hoc opening on the cone and thanks to the special internal design, the water thus introduced and the quick rotation the bowl is subjected to allow a complete and deep internal washing. The way the bottom is shaped and the holes found on the bowl see to its rapid drainage and to completion of the internal and external cleaning operation. 

Likewise without any direct intervention on the feeder, merely by changing the line height, Twist can be used for the entire life cycle of the broiler. Lastly, inward inclination and specific design of the bowl edge enable a significant reduction in the quantity of feeder dispersed during feeding. 

Polyfeeder deals instead with turkeys and ducks. Likewise dismountable and modular to enable a simple operation and disassembly, it preserves the same strong point of Twist, as it can be used throughout the breeding period. During the initial phase, the chick is fed by using the lower feeder bowl, while the upper one is resorted to in the next phase. In both instances, the feeder flow can be accurately adjusted, while the lower bowl can be removed at the end of the initial 6/8 weeks, maintaining better hygiene conditions for the farm.

As regards drinking troughs, too, the classic Jumbo B and Jumbo T (for broilers and for turkeys, respectively) have been joined by automatic watering lines set aside for all poultry species and for any breeding need.

Easy to assemble and maintain, the lines of the GPP Drinking Line allow a significant reduction in time and management costs. They are produced with a 28x28mm square anchoring section, far more rigid and stable than the conventional rounded section. The stainless steel nipple valves used enhance the effective flow of water. 

The range of feeders and automatic watering systems developed for all species of relevance to the poultry zootechnical sector, the excellence of the technological solutions applied, and the identification of optimal complementary components currently enable Giordano Poultry Plast to offer not only excellent individual equipment, but also complete automatic and high-performance lines, ensuring effective solutions for all needs.

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