Aviagen LLC Hatchery Director awarded “Honored worker of agriculture of Russian Federation”


Aviagen® LLC Russia Hatchery Director Anna Matveeva has earned the esteemed title of “Honoured Worker of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.” Signed by President Vladimir Putin in December, the award carries with it the recognition of noteworthy contributions to the development of the Russian poultry industry.
On May 3, the Governor of Russia’s Tula region presented the award certificate and pin to Matveeva at a special ceremony in the Pillar Hall of the Nobility Assembly. For this prestigious award, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture selects only high-achieving employees and companies that have garnered the respect and trust of customers, the Russian government and the industry at large.
Anna was nominated for the award by LLC Aviagen staff as a professional whose contribution into the development of Aviagen on the territory of the Russian Federation can hardly be over-emphasized. Anna’s award has also become a high assessment of the company’s performance. The year 2018 is significant for Anna, since in September she will celebrate 10 years of fruitful and successful work for LLC Aviagen.
Anna is the very person who has followed all the stages of the company’s development and growth, starting from the construction of the first hatchery, its team-building, teaching and mentoring of the newly accepted specialists till the current moment, when the company’s capacity has grown considerably and now reached the index of 48 mln hatching eggs per year. Anna’s success is also a recognition of the team’s achievements, as well as high quality and competitive performance of LLC Aviagen. The company’s product has been highly appreciated by the Russian Poultry companies. Constant growth of sales volume speak well for it. Starting from the year 2010, sales volume has doubled. LLC Aviagen takes great pride in its stock liveability as the company delivers birds to different regions during any season.
The quality of the Aviagen LLC products was endorsed by experts during the all-Russian exhibition that resulted in the inclusion of the company into a Register of Russian breeding companies.
Anna is always in touch with Aviagen’ clients – the largest RU poultry farms. Being a communicable and knowledgeable person, Anna is ready to collaborate and share her experience that is well seen during her visits to poultry farms, her lectures on the seminars and Aviagen schools which are aimed at providing customers with essential management information that enables customers to achieve excellent results with their Ross® birds.
We’re very proud that Anna has received this prominent status from our government. Being commended in this way is a true badge of excellence, and we are honored and humbled,” remarked Valery Starodubtsev, general director of Aviagen LLC. “We give much of the credit to our valued customers and our close cooperation with them. Their loyalty and dedication to our products and our 140 and 400 Clubs have helped increase their popularity and solidify their success throughout the Federation.”