Arbor Acres Asia training featured biosecurity to safeguard bird health

Optimum biosecurity is critical for protecting broiler and breeder flocks. Arbor Acres biosecurity training featured hands-on learning and collaboration.

Aviagen® welcomed more than 80 guests from across Asia to its annual Arbor Acres® Training Seminar in Bangkok on Aug. 16-18. Multiple areas of biosecurity concern were covered, including proven methods for ensuring quality feed, as well as effective farm and hatchery management procedures.

Led by biosecurity and flock management experts from Aviagen, academia and the Asian poultry industry, the training combined theory with hands-on practice for a greater learning experience. The sessions also gave customers the opportunity to collaborate and build relationships with their poultry industry colleagues.

Biosecurity workshops promote team spirit
The biosecurity workshop on the first day of the Arbor Acres training was highly successful. After learning about how to configure the farm for optimum biosecurity, attendees were split into eight teams, each with the mandate to create two schematics: a grandparent farm and a farm shower facility reflecting the best possible biosecurity layout and practices.

“We want the best for our customers, and always seek ways to improve their operations for the benefit of their birds and their businesses. Biosecurity is a topic that is very relevant today, and we’re happy to offer critical advice to help protect birds from disease while improving overall performance,” explained Rod Konrad, Senior Technical Service Manager for Arbor Acres Asia Pacific.

John Tchang, Technical Service Manager for Arbor Acres Asia Pacific agreed that the training was “a great opportunity to meet chicken growers from different countries and to exchange ideas, particularly on the important topic of biosecurity. I was delighted at how hard the customers worked and how well they worked together to create very practical and effective farm and shower facility layouts.”

Purple team farm design winners
Orange team shower design winners

Attendees echo importance of biosecurity
Students to this year’s training were enthusiastic about the practical format, as it helped reinforce the strict practices important in protecting bird health.

“As a poultry veterinarian involved with poultry production, I know firsthand that an excellent biosecurity program is essential to maintain flock health and disease prevention. I benefited greatly from the expertise of the speakers, as well as the interaction with my fellow students, and I look forward to next year’s Arbor Acres training,” said Dr. Ghulam Asghar of Hi-tech in Pakistan.

Golam Masud, Proprietor and CEO of Protimax International in Bangladesh commented, “I appreciate the great organization by the Arbor Acres team. The lessons were interactive and informative, and helped enhance our knowledge of best GP, PS, and broiler management practices. The hands-on practice was invaluable, as biosecurity is critical to our business success.”

“I would like to thank Aviagen and the Arbor Acres team for organizing this successful and rewarding training program, which is essential to overcome the challenges of infectious diseases such as Avian Influenza. It was great to see participants from different countries, backgrounds and expertise actively exchange ideas on effective biosecurity at the farm and hatchery. The information on how the correct ventilation, as well as different types and the proper usage of disinfectants, affects biosecurity was of great help. The overall program was beneficial in stressing the importance of biosecurity in optimizing the full performance of the Arbor Acres breed at all levels and in various countries, whether in Asia or other international markets,” explained Dr. Jeff Huang, senior group manager, CAB Malaysia.

Source: Aviagen