Aviagen Kft commends latest Ross 140 Club winners in Budapest


Club recognizes hard work and dedication that leads to star breeder performance

Ross® customers in Hungary continue to impress with their award-winning breeder performance. Every other year Aviagen® Kft holds a special event to honor farmers whose dedication and skillful management gain them entry to the Ross 140 Club – earned only by reaching a breeder output of at least 140 chicks per hen housed at 60 weeks. This year on Oct. 3 in Budapest, 16 breeder farms representing 5 Parent Stock customers were welcomed into the Ross 140 Club; a total of 25 awards were given.

Occasion for knowledge-sharing
Aviagen takes every opportunity to share relevant and current breeding developments and management advice with its customers, and this event was no different. After a welcome by Aviagen Kft General Manager Balázs Takács, Aviagen EPI’s Head Sales Manager Henk Steenblik gave an overview of genetic improvements gained by a responsible, balanced breeding approach. Through the years, these advancements have contributed greatly to economic and environmental sustainability, as well as bird health and welfare.

Krisztina Németh, Sales Manager for Aviagen Kft, presented the winning scores and highlighted that the number of winners in Hungary increased from 3 in 2017 to five. The number of flocks above 140 chicks per hen housed also tripled.

Presenting… the winners

Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen presented the Ross 140 Club awards to the 25 high achievers. Here are the top results for each of the 5 new Ross 140 Club members:

CustomerFarmChicks per hen housed
Nagisz ZrtTetétlen161.4
Gallus KftOroszi156.91
Bábolna Brojler KftTárkány – Ölbő I.154.29
Baromfi-Coop KftFelsősima150.5
BRO-KER-BÉT KftÚjhartyán II. telep147.5

Congratulations to all 16 Club winners:

CustomerFarmChicks per hen housed
Gallus KftBakonyszombathely I152.44
Gallus KftBakonyszombathely II147.86
Gallus KftBakonypölöske I.145.43
Gallus KftOroszi152.42
Gallus KftBakonypölöske I.147.64
Gallus KftBakonyszombathely I.152.88
Gallus KftBakonyszombathely II.151.60
Gallus KftOroszi156.91
Baromfi-Coop KftSzékely143.40
Baromfi-Coop KftBarabás142.00
Baromfi-Coop KftBalkány142.10
Baromfi-Coop KftFelsősima150.50
Baromfi-Coop KftGávavencsellő142.90
Baromfi-Coop KftSzékely145.60
Nagisz ZrtTetétlen146.10
Nagisz ZrtHajdúszovát141.30
Nagisz ZrtTetétlen140.30
Nagisz ZrtHajdúszovát140.50
Nagisz ZrtTetétlen161.40
Nagisz ZrtHajdúszovát153.20
BRO-KER-BÉT KftÚjhartyán II. telep147.50
BRO-KER-BÉT KftÚjhartyán III. telep146.20
Bábolna Brojler KftTárkány – Ölbő I.154.29
Bábolna Brojler KftTárkány – Újölbő152.79
Bábolna Brojler KftTárkány – Gulyakút147.17

Balázs took pride in congratulating the new Club members: “It is my pleasure to recognise our customers who achieve top performance with their Ross 308 flocks. These results are the highest ever reached by our Hungarian PS customers, and their accomplishments will undoubtedly inspire farmers throughout the country.”

Péter Bárány, General Manager of Baromfi-Coop Kft, gave his impression of the achievements from a customer’s perspective. “Our targets will soon be 150 to 160 chicks per hen housed and an EPEF above 500. Ten years ago these results would be considered an out-of-reach dream target – but now they are becoming reality.”