Aviagen launches new ventilation documents 
for good flock management


Aviagen Poster and How To series covers fundamental principles for optimal ventilation
Aviagen, the world’s leading poultry breeding company, is pleased to announce the release of a new poster and How To series on essential flock ventilation. Proper ventilation is a common challenge facing broiler and breeder growers today. Aviagen’s newly-published posters and How To documents are designed to help customers achieve the ventilation conditions that are fundamental to bird health and comfort.

Ventilation posters
The Aviagen ventilation posters are simple, quick references for correctly ventilating broiler flocks throughout the year. They offer step-by-step instructions to attain good airflow and air quality during the three stages of ventilation: Minimum Ventilation for Broilers, Transitional Ventilation for Broilers and Tunnel Ventilation for Broilers, which are determined by the age of the birds and outside weather conditions.

How To Series
The newly available How To series describes important broiler and breeder ventilation procedures for Aviagen’s Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands. These documents are an addition to Aviagen’s growing collection of on-farm tools and How To documents which also cover topics including hatchery management, broiler breeder management and veterinary care. This information is critical to maintaining bird health and comfort, as well as achieving subsequent high breeder and broiler performance. While further ventilation How Tos will be released next year, the following documents are now available:
How To… calibrate an in-house fluid filled pressure meter
How To…measure house air tightness
How To…measure fan capacity
How To…check air inlets are opened correctly for minimum ventilation

Aviagen’s commitment to excellence in flock management
Proper ventilation is critical to create the optimum environment necessary for broilers and breeders to grow and develop during each stage of life,” explains Michael Longley from Aviagen’s global technical transfer team.Aviagen is committed to helping customers obtain the best possible performance from their flocks. Ensuring that ventilation basics are correct is critical to effective bird management.”