Cobb500 – The best broiler on the EuroTier Exhibition in Hanover 2018

Cobb’s exhibition booth EuroTier 2018 Hanover

Best feed conversion, visible excellent uniformity, robust animal health and outstanding breeding characteristics. All this makes the broiler Cobb500 currently the best broiler on the market At this year’s Eurotier Exhibition in Hanover, visitors from all over the world were able to find out about the advantages of the new Cobb500 chicken. To the delight of the stand personnel, numerous German and Dutch chicken Farmers visited this years Cobb stand. From their own experience, the Farmers reported that the feed conversion, animal health and profitability of the Cobb500 are superior compared to all competitors. The uncomplicated and easy management, especially in terms of animal welfare, was highlighted here for Cobb500.

Many customers and guests from Germany and abroad also took the opportunity to meet with the technical consultants at the Cobb booth and exchange experiences and opinions. Among them guests from Poland, the Czech Republic, Holland, Germany, England, Iran, Brazil, the UAE, Russia and the Ukraine.

The highlight of this year’s fair was undoubtedly the perfectly organized booth party by Cobb Germany on Wednesday evening. More than 400 participants, including customers, new customers and longstanding partners celebrated the 20th anniversary of Cobb Germany Avimex GmbH. In addition to the many customers, suppliers, stable setters and other partners came here to enjoy good music, drinks and snacks!

An all-round very successful EuroTier 2018 which is already looking forward to the next 2020 edition. Cobb Germany was founded in 1998 to produce Cobb parent stock for the German and European markets from its own Cobb Grandparents.