Hy-Line Ecuador hosts Technical School


Hy-Line Ecuador, an exclusive distributor of Hy-Line layers, recently hosted more than 100 local egg producers in Ambato.

Hy-Line International, Hy-Line Ecuador, and regional industry experts presented information to achieve the maximum genetic potential of the Hy-Line Brown Plus. Topics included the latest information regarding light management, nutrition, flock profitability, egg marketing, data analysis and strategies for optimizing egg size in Hy-Line Brown Plus layers. In addition, the Colombian egg association (FENAVI) shared successful strategies to promote local egg consumption.

“It was a pleasure to host this event as a platform to share the latest innovations in brown layer management for current and new customers,” said Ing. Yacson Tapiero, Hy-Line Ecuador general manager. “Ecuador egg consumers are growing in their demand for egg protein, and we must work together as an industry to develop the best practices to sustainably supply the market.”