Dr. Keith Bramwell joins Jamesway as Senior Technical Advisor


Jamesway Incubator Company Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Keith Bramwell has officially joined the company knowledge team as Senior Technical Advisor.

Dr. Bramwell has had an illustrious career in the academic world and has now decided to try the commercial side of the industry. He studied at the University of Georgia, where he received both his M.S. and Ph.D. in Poultry Science.
As part of his graduate program, he developed the ‘sperm penetration assay’, which is still in use today, as both a research tool and as a practical troubleshooting instrument for the poultry industry. He also spent a year studying in the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Lab at Colorado State University. Dr. Bramwell, has spent the last 17 years teaching poultry and reproduction at the University of Arkansas, one of the leading schools of avian research and a combination of 10 years with the University of Georgia.
Dr. Bramwell has been a frequent contributor to poultry journals and literature and is a gifted lecturer and speaker, often joining with Jamesway to present at seminars and summits. Jamesway is thrilled to have Dr. Bramwell join their staff of hatchery experts as an incubation specialist where that relationship can continue.
When asked, he admitted that he has always leaned towards Jamesway’s equipment, “I have used most of the machines from the larger manufacturers and I am really comfortable joining with Jamesway as the brand I feel most able to promote in the marketplace. They place the emphasis on producing the best chick”.
Look for Dr. Bramwell’s articles and contributions on Jamesway’s website and in upcoming webinars and papers.

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