Kenya, Botswana and Nigeria: hatchery expansions with Jamesway

Left to right: David Opepo ( Hatcheries Department manager, Kenchic), Ahmed el Bayoumi (Jamesway Sales Representative) and Jim Toozer (C.E.O of Kenchic).

Jamesway hatchery projects expanding in Africa. The growing middle class in Africa is spurring a huge demand for poultry, which is increasing investment and production in that industry. For Jamesway that is apparent as we partner on a series of expansions in three sub-Saharan hatcheries in Kenya, Nigeria, and Botswana.

In a continued relationship with Nigeria’s Zartech Poultry Company, Jamesway is supplying machines as the company plans expansion to its facilities in Lagos. Zartech Limited is a part of The ZARD group of companies based in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria. The addition of 11 Multi-Stage incubators and 11 PX Hatchers will output 11 million eggs a year, giving the location an annual output of 51 million eggs per year. As the largest poultry company in West Africa, they are anticipating exports into neighboring countries, as Africa’s growing demand for protein increases.

Zartech produces Cobb 500 chicks, and ensuring they have the best start requires an incubator that can deliver the best chick quality. Zartech’s hatchery has that confidence in Jamesway machines, which they also use in their other hatcheries. Hatchery Manager Orlodo Stephenson admits that they have proven to be “robust machines which provide excellent results:” including impressive energy efficiencies.

In 2013 Kenya’s Kenchic Poultry was the first company in Africa to install Jamesway’s Platinum Single-Stage Incubator and Hatcher at their huge hatchery in Athi River. That relationship continues to grow and this year Kenchic is augmenting their Nairobi hatchery with 3 of the largest Platinum Incubators. The double depth Jamesway P120 is an industrial superstar, with an ability to hatch 129,000 eggs per set. It is powered by two banks of 3-speed fans (4 fans each) which efficiently and effectively distribute perfectly adjusted air throughout the machine. These machines will increase the weekly output of the hatchery by +360,000 eggs per week.

Irvine’s Poultry Company of South Africa has been producing chicken in Southern Africa since the 1950s and has grown from a single room in a home to producing over 1,5 million day-old chicks per week across Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Irvine’s will be installing new Jamesway equipment at their facility in Botswana. The project will add 3 Platinum P60 Incubators and 2 P30 Hatchers to their existing stable of Jamesway machines with a combined output of 193,536 per week. The Irvine’s facility is the largest in the country and this expansion will increase its yearly broiler production from 20 million to 23 million eggs per year, as the company expects to increase exports outside of the country.

These projects, along with others also in the works, indicate increased activity in the poultry production sector in Africa and reflect the higher consumer demand for top-quality protein. Poultry is poised to become the first choice for protein with consumers across the globe.

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