Managing Director Michiel Peters leaves Moba


Moba announces that Michiel Peters, the company’s managing director, will leave the company at his own request on November 1, 2019, after leading it for six years.

Michiel Peters: “In May of this year, I shared my intention to step down from my position at Moba with our shareholder TBG Europe. We have agreed that I will stay until November 1, 2019 so that we have time to find a successor. That process is well underway.

We have realized excellent progress with Moba. It has been an intensive period in which turnover and profit of the company have grown substantially, and the foundation of the company has been prepared for further growth. We developed a strategic plan, further professionalized key processes, and stepped up our innovation effort on product, system and data level. With the acquisition of Pelbo we have expanded our customer offering and added a source of business growth. The modernization and expansion of our main location in Barneveld nears completion as new facilities will be opened this and next year. In short, Moba is well positioned to continue to develop in a sound manner in the coming years. The time is right to transfer the leadership of the company to my successor.”

Shareholder TBG Europe regrets but respects Michiel Peters’ decision and is grateful to him for his contribution to the successful development of the company. “Under the leadership of Michiel, Moba has succeeded in growing substantially, and built a platform for further innovation and growth. We thank Michiel for what he has done for Moba and will continue with his successor on the chosen path.”

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